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2007 Russian Super League (Russia)
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Player Statistiscs
08/20/2007 Ruslan Bashkirov (Ottawa Senators) again a free agent

The contracts between HC Ak Bars and brothers Roman and Ruslan Bashkirov (Ottawa Senators) have been annulled with consent of all involved parties. The two brothers spent the past season in the QMJHL, skating for the Quebec Ramparts. Ruslan was drafted in the third round by the Ottawa Senators, while Roman was overlooked. Despite the expectations of the two brothers to remain in North America for the 2007-08 season, the two returned to Russia in June and signed deals with HC Ak Bars. It is unclear why the pair has now left the club, but they would have had a hard time getting ice time on the stocked lineup of one of the best and wealthiest clubs in the Super League.
08/18/2007 Alexander Svitov (Columbus Blue Jackets) signed a three year agreement with HC Avangard

Yesterday HC Avangard’s management announced the signing of a three year contract with forward Alexander Svitov (Columbus Blue Jackets).  The 24 year old forward, who was selected 3rd overall during the 2001 NHL Entry Draft, became another Russian who returned home this summer. Last season he spent with the Columbus Blue Jackets and he still had a contract with the club for two more years.  This news has noticeably motivated Omsk fans.  With the arrival of Svitov and the transfer of Evgeny Artyukhin (Tampa Bay Lightning) during the offseason, Avangard’s offense has noticeable gained in power and athleticism. (Sport Express Interview) READ MORE
08/16/2007 Fedor Fedorov (New York Rangers): I should have listened to myself and not those around me

Fedor Fedorov (New York Rangers) continues to remind more of an American than of a Russian person. He reminds of one by his style and by his accent. Additionally, his answers to questions are like those of an American athlete – short and vague, meaning that he can do the entire interview with the same response. However, in the end, he seemed to have caught on fire. (Sport Today Interview) READ MORE
08/13/2007 Alexander Perezhogin (Montreal Canadiens): What kind of ex- Ak Bars players are we?
08/12/2007 K. Barulin (St. Louis Blues): Professionalism depends on upbringing

Russian national team and HC Khimik goalie Konstantin Barulin (St. Louis Blues) shared his predictions regarding the future of his former club HC Spartak in a conversation with Sport Today’s correspondent. (Sport Today interview by Alexei Shevchenko) READ MORE
08/08/2007 Anton Babchuk (Carolina Hurricanes): In North America they play the right kind of hockey

HC Avangard newcomer Anton Babchuk (Carolina Hurricanes), according to the club’s head coach Velery Belousov, is one of those players who will be able to boost his team’s level of aggressiveness. He hasn’t had a chance to play, and wishes to prove himself to everyone and everywhere (first of all in the NHL), that he is not yet been considered a top caliber defenseman. Babchuk plans to become one of the top players on Omsk’s defensive line. To make simpler, Babchuk needs Avangard and Avangard needs Babchuk. ( Interview) READ MORE
08/08/2007 Oleg Tverdovsky signs 5 year contract in Russia

Oleg Tverdovsky signed a 5 year contract with HC Salavat Yulayev in Russia and will not be with the Los Angeles Kings next season. The veteran defenseman had at first denied the rumors regarding him heading back to Russia, but has now officially signed a new deal. He won the Stanley Cup in 2006 with the Carolina Hurricanes and had then been traded to the Los Angeles Kings prior to the 2006-07 season, where he struggled to earn ice time and was even sent down to the AHL’s Manchester Monarchs.
08/05/2007 Alessandro's Picks: Rising Star Konstantin Korneev (Montreal Canadiens)

Konstantin Korneev (Montreal Canadiens), twenty-three, is a rising Superliga star. Born in Moscow June 5th 1984, he grew up in the Krylja Sovetov hockey system. He has always been a valuable member of the national team of his age group. Growing up as a good two way defender, Korneev's star has started shining during the 2002 World Under 18 Championships, held in Slovakia and won by the USA despite Ovechkin's 14 goals in just 8 games, where he scored seven points leading all Russian defenders in the scoring race. READ MORE
08/04/2007 Stanislav Chistov (Boston Bruins) may be on his way back to Russia

Forward Stanislav Chistov (Boston Bruins) may be on his way back to Russia after spending the 2006-07 season with the Boston Bruins. former 3rd overall Anaheim Mighty Ducks selection has struggled to find himself in the NHL after a strong rookie campaign, and has reportedly received a lucrative offer from Russia's new financial giant HC Salavat Yulayev from Ufa.
08/03/2007 Denis Kazionov (Tampa Bay Lightning) released by HC CSKA
08/03/2007 Denis Yachmenev (Florida Panthers) released by HC Amur
08/03/2007 Artem Kriukov (Buffalo Sabres) finds anew team
07/30/2007 Leonid Weisfield: It’s time for Enver Lisin (Phoenix Coyotes) to decide
07/23/2007 Jamie McLennan signs one year deal in Russia
07/23/2007 Oleg Saprykin (NHL Free Agent) returns to Russia
07/21/2007 Alexei Yashin: I am flying home for the gold (Sport-Express Interview)

Alexei Yashin should once again be given the credit he deserves. A month ago, right after the buyout of his contract by the Islanders, he promised that in the case of anything happening, he would tell about it to Sport Express first. And yesterday, after signing all the documents in New York, he answered all our questions. (Sport-Express Newspaper Interview) READ MORE
07/20/2007 Former NHL star Alexei Yashin signs with HC Lokomotiv (ESPN article)
07/15/2007 Enver Lisin (Phoenix Coyotes) may return to the NHL

As the summer continues, a number of Russian players have signed agreements in the NHL and have committed to crossing the ocean and attending their respective training camps. Uncertainty still looms around Enver Lisin (Phoenix Coyotes), who has not yet fully committed to returning to North America for next season, even though the Phoenix Coyotes management fully expects him to do so. Championat publication correspondent Regina Sevostyanova caught up with Enver while he was practicing with HC Khimik in Mytische, Russia. READ MORE
07/09/2007 Alexei Cherepanov: Again I have to prove who I am & what I am worth

The last couple of months have included so many different experiences for the young Avangard forward Alexei Cherepanov (New York Rangers). He has experienced enough for an entire year. It included the draft, at which Cherepanov was the first Russian selected, but only under the 17th overall pick. Also it was America, where the draft preparatory tests also took place, and it was him getting acquainted with his NHL club, the Rangers. Also it was his new apartment in Omsk, his new car, and finally his elevation in status from a green forward, who shot up the Russian charts, to a young and talented player of whom the demand and expectations will be appropriate. (Championat Interview) READ MORE
07/09/2007 Artem Ternavsky (Washington Capitals) returns to Super League
07/08/2007 Russian Super League Offseason Player Transfers Part 1 (Top Four Clubs)

Find out more about the changes that took place within last season's top four clubs in the Super League. Some such as Avangard Omsk and Metallurg Magnitogorsk have strived to stay on the same trek. Others, such as the league's favorite Ak Bars Kazan that is known for the high flying Morozov - Zinovjev - Zaripov line, coped with some significant changes. Finally CSKA has significantly strengthened the roster despite losing a couple of talented players. READ MORE
07/06/2007 Roman and Ruslan Bashkirov (Ottawa Senators) sign deal with HC Kazan
07/04/2007 Igor Grigorenko (Detroit Red Wings)'s Red Wings - Togliatti Forward is Leaving for America (player interview)
06/28/2007 Roman and Rulan Bashkirov brothers reportedly back in Russia

Bashkirov brothers Roman and Ruslan are reportedly back in Russia, with their agent in the midst of negotiations to sign them with one of the Super League clubs. The two brothers have spent the 2006-07 season in the QJMHL under, coached by an NHL Hall of Fame goalie Patrick Roy on the Quebec Remparts. The two brothers were highly touted prior to the season and ended rated fairly high in most ratings, with Ruslan being ranked ahead of his twin brother. Ruslan Bashkirov ended up being selected by the Ottawa Senators with the 60th overall pick, but his brother went unselected. A club favored to pick up the two youngsters is the HC Ak Bars (Kazan), which was close to signing the two prior to their departure for the Canadian junior leagues.
06/27/2007 Draft shocker - only 9 Russians selected in 2007

As the NHL Entry Draft has passed, shockingly only 9 Russians were selected this year. The trend is at least in part due to the lack of a transfer agreement between the NHL and Russia, but may also have to do with the Russian players’ unwillingness to often cross the ocean and tendency to remain in Russia where the pay is very competitive when compared to the lower NHL pay grades. Here are the nine Russian players selected in this year’s draft:

17. NY Rangers – RW – Alexey Cherepanov (Avangard)
60. Ottawa – LW - Ruslan Bashkirov (Quebec)
64. Dallas – RW - Sergei Korostin (Dynamo-2)
71. Florida – RW - Evgeny Dadonov (Traktor)
94. Columbus – LW - Maxim Mayorov (Neftyanik Leninogorsk)
106. NY Islanders – LW - Maxim Grachev (Rimuski)
123. Phoenix- D - Maxim Goncharov (CSKA)
146. Vancouver – LW - Ilya Kablukov (CSKA)
202. Florida – G - Sergei Gaiduchenko (Lokomotiv-2)
06/27/2007 Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) changes mind, remains in Russia
06/27/2007 Valeri Klimov (New Jersey Devils) rejoins Spartak Moscow
06/26/2007 Mikhail Yunkov (Washington Capitals) joins new club

Mikhail Yunkov (Washington Capitals) has returned to Moscow after a three year stint with HC Ak Bars, where he has largely been held to a marginal role as a fourth line center. While still well regarded by the Kazan club, Yunkov's lack of ice time was likely a major factor in his decision to move on and sign with the less wealthy HC Spartak (Moscow), which was just returning to the Super League after a year long hiatus. Another motivator may have been the opportunity to play with his older brother, Alexander, who also signed with the Moscow club. A point of concern has been Yunkov Jr.'s remaining one year on his contract with Kazan, but it appears that this detail has been resolved and Yunkov has been freed to join his new club.
06/26/2007 Lada demise continues - Alexander Buturlin (Montreal Canadiens) leaves
06/22/2007 Final 2007 NHL Entry Draft Rankings Released!
06/18/2007 Alexei Emelin (Montreal Canadiens) signs deal with HC Ak Bars

Defenseman Alexei Emelin (Montreal Canadiens) signed a two year contract with HC Ak Bars, likely dispelling any hopes of him crossing the ocean this summer. The young forward confirmed that Kazan initiated contact with the player prior to the World Championships and multiple weeks of negotiations, the two sides finally reached a contract. He further confirmed that Montreal did come in contact with him, but it was too late and at that point he had already reached an agreement with Kazan. Emelin did not confirm whether he has a clause in his contract allowing him to leave for the NHL next summer, though that is likely the case and would not matter anyways if Russia and NHL do not reach a transfer agreement deal. Emelin is one of several talented young players who have already left the cash strapped HC Lada club looking for better pay. Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) is rumored to be also headed to Kazan, though this rumor has not yet been officially confirmed.
06/18/2007 Evgeny Artyukhin (Tampa Bay Lightning) remains in Russia

Evgeny Artyukhin (Tampa Bay Lightning) has signed a one year deal with Russian Super League club “Avangard” all but eliminating the possibility of him returning to North America for the 2007-08 season. The young towering forward has enjoyed mixed success in Russia this past season and refused to sign a modest $1.575 million three year offer from the NHL club. The player’s agent has also suggested that it may be beneficial to both sides if Tampa Bay trades Artyukhin’s rights if the NHL club refuses to raise it’s contract offer. Artukhin’s presence in Russia has not hurt his game development and may have actually helped his offensive skills, as the young physically gifted player had multiple chances to skate on his club’s scoring units, as well as on Russia’s national team.
06/10/2007 Anton Babchuk (Carolina Hurricanes) may be going back to Russia

After a turbulent season with the Carolina Hurricanes Anton Babchuk (Carolina Hurricanes) may be going back to Russia. The young defenseman seemed to hit it off with the NHL club after the trade, but then had to play spot duty over the past couple of seasons and was not able to consistently secure a spot in the lineup. The situation became even worse when he initially refused to report to the AHL affiliate earlier in the season. However, he eventually reported, but the who two year relationship has likely resulted in him looking for a contract elsewhere. Babchuk will likely spend a season in Russia, or be traded and signed by a different NHL club.
06/05/2007 Denis Arkhipov (Chicago Blackhawks) signs for two years in Russia
06/04/2007 Konstantin Glazachev (Nashville Predators) finds fresh start in Novokuznetsk

Konstantin Glazachev (Nashville Predators) joined a new team, signing a two year deal with HC Metallurg (Novokuznetsk). The young forward has fully recovered from injuries suffered a year ago in an unfortunate domestic incident, but has been unable to find his stride with HC Lokomotiv, though he did deliver a strong performance with HC Amur last season. Thus, Novokuznetsk presents a prime opportunity for the Nashville prospect to hit his stride once more and under the tutelage of famed Russian head coach Nikolayev, who has returned this season to his former post with Metallurg. Interestingly, seven years ago Nikolayev was a well known and respected head coach of HC Lokomotiv.
06/03/2007 Grigori Shafigullin (Nashville Predators) may be on his way to Nashville

Reports have surfaced in Russia that Grigori Shafigullin (Nashville Predators) may be on his way to the Nashville Predators. The young forward has for the first time left his Russian team Lokomotiv and signed a new deal with HC Ak Bars. However, it appear that his deal with the Kazan club includes an NHL clause and he would be able to move over to North America if an strong opportunity arose to do so.
05/29/2007 Alexander Nikulin (Ottawa Senators) signs with Ottawa

Alexander Nikulin (Ottawa Senators) signed a rookie three year deal with the Ottawa Senators, confirming recent speculation that he will attend the NHL club’s training camp with the aim of earning a spot in the NHL. The young forward has been a national team member for two years, though he has struggled with some injuries this past season that lead to his absence from the 2007 World Championships where Russia took the bronze.
05/26/2007 Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) may be coming to Lightning

A report has surfaced in Russia that Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) is currently in heated negotiations with the Tampa Bay Lightning, the NHL club that selected him in the latter rounds of the 2002 NHL Entry Draft. The talented netminder has surfaced as a national team caliber player during the last two seasons and has recently involved in a contract dispute with his current Russian club HC Lada. The uncertainties surrounding the club’s existence in the Super League, as well his career achievements thus far have likely led to his decision to come to North America.
05/26/2007 Mikhail Yunkov (Washington Capitals) re-signs with HC Ak Bars
05/25/2007 Maxim Kondratiev (Anaheim Mighty Ducks) in NHL - signs deal with Anaheim

While the Anaheim Mighty Ducks are in the heat of the Stanley Cup finals, the club is still looking towards the future, signing defensive prospect Maxim Kondratiev (Anaheim Mighty Ducks) to a new contact. The young defenseman spent parts of several seasons in North America, but returned to Russia for the 2006-07 season, where he consistently skated for the Russian national team. Prior to his return to Russia, he was best known for a star playoff run with the AHL’s Portland Pirates, where he lead the team in scoring despite missing the latter part of the playoffs due to injury. Considering his mediocre performance earlier that season, this great turnaround combined with a solid season in Russia have earned Kondratiev a new deal.
05/24/2007 Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) signs with Toronto

Toronto Maple Leafs today signed young forward Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) to a three year rookie contract. Toronto’s second round selection in 2006 is not expected to join the team this summer, but the young forward has proven himself once again by skating on Russia’s national team and becoming one of the top snipers in Russia. This past summer he was rewarded by a handsome contract from HC Metallurg and will skate for the team during the 2007-08 season.
05/19/2007 Lada retains rights for Emelin (Montreal) and Bumagin (Edmonton)
05/19/2007 Boston Bruins negotiating with Sergei Zinovjev (Boston Bruins)

The Boston Bruins are reportedly in negotiations again to bring over prospect Sergei Zinovjev (Boston Bruins) to rejoin the NHL club. The young forward has enjoyed another productive year in Russia on HC Ak Bars famed top line. He has reportedly re-signed with the Russian club, but due to a lack of an transfer agreement between the NHL and Russia, he may be able to jump ship to NHL if the right offer came along. However, considering his immense earning potential in Russia, it will be a challenge to bring Zinovjev over.
05/18/2007 Kiril Koltsov (Vancouver Canucks) signs new deal in Russia

Defenseman Kiril Koltsov (Vancouver Canucks) appears to be staying in Russia for at least another season. The young offensive minded defenseman signed a one year deal with HC Salavat Yulayev from Ufa. The deal is reportedly worth 1.7 million US dollars and will be well beyond what he was expected to make while with the Vancouver Canucks next season...if he made it through training camp that is. Now Koltsov is primed to switch teams, but remain in Russia for the 2007-08 season, further clouding his NHL future.
05/16/2007 Perezhogin (Montreal Canadiens) may be headed to Russia

It appears that Alexander Perezhogin (Montreal Canadiens) may be headed to Russia for the 2007-08 season. The young forward is reported to have signed a one year deal with HC Salavat Yulayev, a Super League club based in Ufa, Russia. The deal is reportedly worth a whopping 1.7 million US dollars, which is significantly higher than a salary he would have likely commanded in the NHL. The young forward did not have a great season despite at times increased playing time.
05/01/2007 Champion Metallurg signs forward Pavel Vorobiev (Chicago Blackhawks)
04/18/2007 Web Site News: Playoff statistics have been fixed and updated
04/17/2007 Nikita Nikitin (St. Louis Blues) signs new contract with HC Avangard
04/15/2007 Metallurg is Super League champion!

In a tightly contested back and forth series HC Metallurg finally wrestled the title away from 2006 champions HC Ak Bars. The Magnitogorsk club did so despite being without the services of star winger Denis Platonov (Nashville Predators), whose physical presence and strong overall play has been key to his club's success. The young Nashville Predators prospect was lost to a leg injury. READ MORE
04/10/2007 HC Metallurg on verge of Championship behind Kulemin

HC Metallurg stormed back into the series after a sub-par game 2 with a resounding 4:1 victory against the incumbent champions HC Ak Bars. Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) tied another scoring record, this time reaching back more than 10 years to Alexander Koreshkin, who also scored 36 goals during the 1994-95 season. Ak Bars top line consisting of Alexei Morozov (Pittsburgh Penguins)Sergei Zinovjev (Boston Bruins)Danis Zaripov has not been impressive, and at times looked tired and out of place despite immense talent and ability. Defenseman Evgeni Varlamov was another hero of the game for HC Metallurg, scoring the club’s first two goals. READ MORE
04/08/2007 Ak Bars and Zaripov solve Metallurg, tie the series

After 5 periods of being stymied by a defensive effort that could draw analogies to Lakers – Pistons or the 90s Detroit Red Wings – New Jersey Devils series, Ak Bars finally solved their opponent and stormed back into the series behind the strong play of top liner Danis Zaripov , who potted a hattrick for his club. The breaking point occurred after an unfortunate outlet pass by Vladimir Malenkykh (Pittsburgh Penguins), which stuck to the watery ice right next to the opposition forward Alexander Stepanov, who took the unexpected gift and quickly put it behind surprised goalie Travis Scott. Zaripov finished off onslaught with two tallies a half minute apart, destroying Metallurg’s attempt at a defensive stand in the neutral zone, which worked for the club during the first five periods of the series. READ MORE
04/07/2007 Metallurg overpowers Ak Bars behind Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs)

HC Metallurg (Magnitogorsk) edged Ak Bars (Kazan) in the first game of the best of five final series for the Super League Championship. The Magnitogorsk club accomplished this behind a strong performance from the its top two lines centered by Jan Marek and Alexei Kaigorodov (Phoenix Coyotes). Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) did most of the scoring, notching two of his club tallies. Kazan also had a hard time containing the Kaigorodov – Gusmanov tendem, as the two caused a lot of trouble for the 2006 champions. The final score was 5:2 in favor of Metallurg. Kulemin (2), Kaigorodov, Gusmanov and Kudrna scored for Metallurg, while Sergei Zinovjev (Boston Bruins) and Vladimir Vorobiev tallied for Kazan.
04/05/2007 Finals Showdown: Kulemin (Toronto) vs. Alexei Morozov

As the Super League finals near, speculation has begun as to who will shine brighter, the perrenial Super League scoring champion and record breaker Alexei Morozov (Pittsburgh Penguins), or the up and coming 86 born Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs). The latter is a young forward recently drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs and who has this season surpassed Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) in scoring. While Morozov has little to prove and is likely on his way back to the NHL, he will likely put together a strong showing at the tournament, leaving Russia on top.
04/04/2007 Igor Mirnov (Ottawa Senators) signs new deal with HC Dynamo
04/04/2007 Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) stays in Magnitogorsk for 2007-08

Forward Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) has reported that he will remain with HC Metallurg for the 2007-08 season. Reportedly, the contract is a one way deal that is worth six times of his own 2006-07 salary. The young forward is the highest scoring forward in HC Metallurg’s recent past, scoring 33 goals thus far this season. The Metallurg GM had the following to say about the young forward’s contract situation: We have reached a final agreement with Nikolai. Next year he will be with Metallurg. His agent was also present during the contract signing and if a year later the NHL will again show interest in Nikolai, we will respectfully let him go.
04/02/2007 Web Site News: Statistics have been updated through semifinals
04/02/2007 Semifinals - 3: CSKA back in the series with 3:2 win
03/31/2007 Semifinals - 2: Ivan Kasutin gets surprising start

Goalie Ivan Kasutin got the surprising start for HC CSKA against Ak Bars. The young netminder fared relatively well, though still taking the 4:2 loss. Denis Platonov (Nashville Predators) continued to deliver in the playoffs for HC Metallurg, scoring his 19th of the season. Former Edmonton Oilers prospect Alexander Fomichev got the nod to start for HC Avangard, and the goalie took advantage of the opportunity to make an impact and deliver a victory for his club. READ MORE
03/30/2007 Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) continues career season

HC CSKA lost badly to HC Ak Bars, scoring the two goals only in the last minutes of the game. Ilya Nikulin (Atlanta Thrashers) performed well on defense, and also contributed on offense, quarterbacking the power play and scoring Kazan’s first goal. Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) scored the clinching goal for HC Metallurg, while Denis Platonov (Nashville Predators) and Alexei Kaigorodov (Phoenix Coyotes) added the other tallies. All three are enjoying strong seasons, especially Platonov, who has surpassed his former linemate Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) in production for the year. READ MORE
03/27/2007 Quarterfinals - 5: CSKA surges ahead (Box Scores)
03/26/2007 Quarterfinals - 4: Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) ties up series!

Forward Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) scored the only goal of the match, helping HC CSKA tie up the series with HC Salavat Yulayev. This was Parshin’s 20th goal of the season. Dmitri Semin (St. Louis Blues) appears to be regaining his old form from, scoring two of his club’s three goals. Sadly, his efforts were not enough to keep HC Lokomotiv from being eliminated by the favorite HC Avangard. Today also marked the return of Alexei Morozov (Pittsburgh Penguins) to HC Ak Bars lineup after a short absence due to the flu. READ MORE
03/24/2007 Playoffs - Quarterfinals 3: Mozyakin (Columbus Blue Jackets) leads Khimik

Behind the spirited play and two goals from Sergei Mozyakin (Columbus Blue Jackets), HC Khimik managed to clip the most powerful Super League club on penalty shots. Forward Ilya Zubov (Ottawa Senators) is finally coming into his own for HC Salavat Yulayev and just at the right time! The young forward scored the game winning overtime goal, and assisted on another tally to help his club take a series lead over HC CSKA. While the Denis Denisov (Buffalo Sabres)’s normally active canon has remained quiet throughout most of the 2006-07 season, the defenseman scored a much needed tally for his club in the win against HC Lokomotiv, pinning the Yaroslavl based club to the brink of elimination. READ MORE
03/22/2007 Quarterfinals - 2: Artem Anisimov (New York Rangers) lights it up again

Artem Anisimov (New York Rangers) continues to perform well for HC Lokomotiv, adding his third goal of the playoffs as his club bounced back to beat favored HC Avangard 4:3. Alexey Cherepanov and Grigory Shafigulling also tallied in the cotest and Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) was replaced by veteran Yegor Podomatsky , who led his team to victory. Alexei Morozov (Pittsburgh Penguins) missed another game due to the flu, but HC Ak Bars is not a one trick pony and Dmitri Kazionov (Tampa Bay Lightning), as well as Danis Zaripov picked up the slack. HC CSKA bounced back from embarrassing first game loss, beating Salavat Yulayev behind strong play from Sergei Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks) and Konstantin Korneev (Montreal Canadiens). READ MORE
03/21/2007 Quarterfinals - Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) scores laying down

Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) stole the show in the hard fought contest between his HC Metallurg with HC Sibir, when he broke through two defensemen, put the goalie to the ice, and then managed to force the puck around the netminder while falling to the ice. Alexei Tereschenko (Dallas Stars) played very well for Ak Bars, aggressively attacking the opponent and driving towards the net. He scored once, but also almost scored again, but instead hit the post. A strong game from a talented young center. Former Montreal Canadiens goaltending prospect Vadim Tarasov (Montreal Canadiens) performed well for HC Salavat Yulayev, stopping 28 of CSKA’s 30 shots. He split regular season duties, but has come on strong as of late. READ MORE
03/18/2007 No surprises thus far, but upsets may be in the works for quarterfinals

There have not been any surprises in the Super League playoffs, with the top 8 clubs advancing to the playoff quarterfinals. The Avangard
03/18/2007 Playoffs 1/16
03/16/2007 Playoffs 1/16
03/15/2007 Forward Alexey Cherepanov (2007 NHL Draft) misses game due to injury
03/15/2007 Playoffs 1/16

Goalie Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) made mountains move to carry HC Lokomotiv into the quarterfinals, stopping 42 of the 44 shots he faced against HC Dynamo, which threw at him everything but the kitchen sink. HC Dynamo’s Igor Mirnov (Ottawa Senators) finished a career season with 23 goals and will hopefully be signed by Ottawa during the summer. Another NHL prospect Alexei Mikhnov (Edmonton Oilers) continued to make a name for himself with goals since his return back to Russia from Edmonton, scoring twice for Lokomotiv. Despite Igor Grigorenko (Detroit Red Wings)’s 16th goal, Lada fell to HC CSKA and Alexander Nikulin (Ottawa Senators), who scored twice, once to tie the game and then in the first two minutes of overtime to clinch the quarterfinals spot for his club. READ MORE
03/14/2007 Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) on his way to NHL

Vladimir Kryuchkov had the following to say in a 3/13/2007 interview with Olga Romanek from Football/Hockey newspaper about Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs)'s success and Alexei Kaigorodov (Phoenix Coyotes)'s return:
- Nikolai Kulemin - did he develop and break out thanks to you?
- V. Kryuchkov:
Nikolai Kulemin grew up without depending on our efforts. He scores the most goals. Recently, Toronot officials visited him. Most likely, he will be leaving next season.
- In your opinion, should clubs try to keep Russian players?
- V. Kryuchkov:
Stars on the level of Malkin and Kulemin can calmly leave, not being afraid having to come back.
- Are you referring to Kaigorodov, who returned to you from Ottawa?
- V. Kryuchkov:
It was difficult for Alexei to break out [in North America - RP]. This is just such an example when a player plays team hockey. Kaigorodov is a great conductor, who can make such a pass, that anyone would be jealous. But, he needed more time to start playing there. But stars like Malkin and Kulemin will not, in my opinion have to wait. They are leaving to take practically guarantied spots.
03/13/2007 Web Site News: Playoff Statistics section has been added
03/13/2007 Playoffs - Round 16:- Anisimov (New York Rangers) leads HC Lokomotiv

Forward Igor Volkov (New York Islanders) continued to score, with his second goal in as many games, justifying his role as the key Salavat Yulayev forward when the pressure is on. Young center Artem Anisimov (New York Rangers) lead HC Lokomotiv past HC Dynamo with two goals, which interestingly were only 18 year old’s third and fourth of the season. Talented young Alexey Cherepanov scored his 20th of the season on a breakaway, but was cut down and injured by HC Vityaz North American enforcer Simpson just a few minutes later. The extent of his injury is unclear. READ MORE
03/12/2007 Playoffs - Round 16 - Alexey Cherepanov scores for HC Avangard

Forward Alexey Cherepanov shined for HC Avangard, scoring his 19th goal of the season, and also assisting on the game’s final tally with a great feed to Kuryanov from behind Vityaz net. The Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) READ MORE
03/10/2007 Round 58 - Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) leads Metallurg to victory

Talented 86 born forward Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) scored his club leading 27th goal of the season, leading HC Metallurg (Magnitogorsk) to victory. Defenseman Denis Grebeshkov (New York Islanders) continued his scoring streak, adding a goal and an assist in the victory against HC MVD. Tampa Bay Lightning late round 2006 selection Denis Kazionov (Tampa Bay Lightning) finally scored his first goal of the season, capping off a disappointing sophomore Super League campaign. Vladislav Evseev (Boston Bruins) is another struggling prospect who has begun to get more ice time with HC Dynamo and also found the net after two years of struggles, scoring his first of the season. READ MORE
03/09/2007 Round 57 - Goalie Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) wins again

Goalie Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) played very well for HC Lokomotiv, stopping 24 of 26 faced shots, and helping the club defeat HC Severstal despite the contest being up in the air for more than 30 minutes. Evgeny Skachkov (St. Louis Blues) scored his 12th of the season, helping HC Traktor to leave the field with a valuable point. Albert Vishnyakov (Tampa Bay Lightning) and Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) continued to gain form in time for playoffs, with two forwards scoring 9th and 18th goals respectively in the contest eventually lost by Vyshnyakov’s HC Dynamo. In amounted to a 17:1 trouncing, HC Avangard closed the book on lowly Krilia Sovetov, which largely fielded the club’s farm team in this contest. READ MORE
03/09/2007 Round of 16 playoff match ups determined!

Russian Super League playoff picture has become crystal clear, with the round of 16 match ups being determined. Below, please find the teams that will face off against each other on Sunday, 11th of March.

#1 Ak Bars (Kazan)
03/07/2007 Round 56 - Alexei Morozov (Pittsburgh Penguins) - Russia's best!

Former NHLer Alexei Morozov (Pittsburgh Penguins) scored his 33rd goal of the season and also surpassed Sergei Makarov for the most prolific scorer in Russian Elite League history! Ivan Kasutin delivers a strong performance for HC CSKA’s win against HC Traktor. Konstantin Volkov (Toronto Maple Leafs) potted his seventh of the season and has continued his late season surge with HC Vityaz. READ MORE
03/07/2007 Statistics have been updated through Round 58
03/01/2007 Web Site News: Goalie statistics have been updated through Round 55
02/28/2007 Web Site News: Statistics have been updated through Round 55
02/27/2007 Round 54 - Sergei Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks) scores 16th

Prospect Sergei Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks) scored his 16th of the season for HC CSKA, putting in the insurance goal against surging HC Metallurg Nk. Sergei Mozyakin (Columbus Blue Jackets) had another strong game despite his struggling club losing 4:5 to top HC Ak Bars. The young prospect scored his 23rd and 24th goals of the season, also adding an assist. HC Lokomotiv finally won after a couple of trip ups, though in this contest coach Gardner gave Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) a break, letting veteran Yegor Podomatsky take the spot between the pipes. Denis Kulyash (Nashville Predators) returned to HC Dynamo’s lineup after being demoted for several contests. A defenseman known for his booming shot has struggled to find his scoring touch and his strong play this season. He did score his third tally of the season and made most of this chance. READ MORE
02/26/2007 Round 53 - HC CSKA blown away by lowly HC Amur

In a curious turn of events, HC CSKA got blown out by lowly HC Amur. The red army club was already losing 0:3 after just 7 minutes of play and goalie Simchuk was replaced by Ivan Kasutin . However, Kasutin was injured late in the first period when an opposing player fell heavily on him, and Simchuk returned between the pipes, allowing three more goals during the rest of the game. Ilya Nikulin (Atlanta Thrashers) continued to play well for HC Ak Bars, scoring his 10th goal of the season and playing well in both zones. Igor Mirnov (Ottawa Senators) was a key of HC Dynamo’s success over HC Lokomotiv, scoring a goal and assisting on another. Seemingly, a tour of duty with the national team has done a lot of good to motivate this young player. READ MORE
02/24/2007 Round 52 - Dmitri Vorobiev (Toronto Maple Leafs) rips into HC Dynamo

Defenseman Dmitri Vorobiev (Toronto Maple Leafs) scored two goals, while Alexei Emelin (Montreal Canadiens) added a goal and an assist to lead HC Lada to victory over HC Dynamo. Konstantin Koltsov (Pittsburgh Penguins) went on a tear for HC Salavat scoring a hattrick against his former club HC Ak Bars. Meanwhile, HC Lokomotiv’s winning came to an end with the tie against HC Vityaz, though the Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) was very strong in this contest and Ivan Nepriayev (Washington Capitals) continues to play very well. READ MORE
02/20/2007 Round 51

Center Dmitri Kazionov (Tampa Bay Lightning) continued to make the most of his promotion to the first line to replace ill Sergei Zinovjev (Boston Bruins), scoring a goal and assisting on another in the 3:1 victory over HC CSKA. Goalie Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) delivered another shutout for HC Lokomotiv, leading the club to victory over HC Traktor. His counterpart, 23 year old netminder Georgi Gellashvilli was also no slouch, stopping 22 of the 24 shuts he faced in the loss. Speaking of goalies, former LA Kings prospect Alexei Volkov has continued to play strongly for HC Vityaz, stopping 37 of 38 shuts he faced in the win. READ MORE
02/20/2007 Defenseman Alexei Semenov (Florida Panthers) returns to NHL

Defenseman Alexei Semenov (Florida Panthers) left his Russian club HC Salavat Yulayev and returned to his NHL club Florida Panthers. This has been a surprising development, but likely had to do with the club entering the rebuilding stage and looking for new blood to replenish the thinning roster. Semenov broke his Russian contract in his return, but since there is no agreement between the NHL and Russian Super League, there is little Salavat can do in this case. Semenov has already skated for the Panthers in four game, averaging just over 10 minutes of ice time in each contest.
02/18/2007 Denis Grebeshkov traded to Edmonton Oilers

The Islanders today traded defenseman Denis Grebeshkov to the Edmonton Oilers for defenseman Marc-Andre Bergeron and a 3rd round pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. Grebeshkov, originally a first round selection by the Los Angeles Kings, was traded to New York last season and spent several months with the Islanders. The NHL club could not reach a one way agreement with the young defenseman and he concequently signed a one year deal with HC Lokomotiv in Russia. There, he has been one of the club’s top four defensemen and has also skated for the Russian national team, likely representing his country at the 2007 World Championships.
02/17/2007 Center Dmitri Kazionov (Tampa Bay Lightning) given a chance on top line
02/17/2007 Round 50

HC Lokomotiv rolled as Alexei Mikhnov (Edmonton Oilers) and Ivan Nepriayev (Washington Capitals) each scored twice in the club’s 6:1 victory against HC Metallurg. Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) was in net for the Yaroslavl based club and also performed well, stopping 20 of the 21 faced shots. Losing to HC Avangard 2:3 did not stop CSKA’s Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) from shining, as the young forward scored both of his club’s goals, with his Parshin READ MORE
02/15/2007 HC Krilia Sovetov release Alexander Kozhevnikov (Chicago Blackhawks)

Prospect Alexander Kozhevnikov (Chicago Blackhawks) has been released by HC Krilia Sovetov and will continue his career in the High League (Russia 2) with HC Titan. The former Canadian junior league forward has skated in 18 contests for the lowly HC Krilia and has scored one goal.
02/14/2007 Super League statistics updated through Tour 50
02/12/2007 Alexei Shkotov (St. Louis Blues) breaks wrist, season over

Prospect Alexei Shkotov (St. Louis Blues) has reportedly broke his wrist in a friendly match against Belarus club Keramin. The injury happened in the third period when he collided with a Belarus defenseman. A cast was applied to the injured wrist and it is not likely to be removed before mid March. As a result, it is likely that Shkotov’s season is over.
02/09/2007 Round 49 - Mikhnov scores in return to Russia

St. Louis Blues prospect Evgeniy Skachkov (St. Louis Blues) continues career season, this time helping HC Traktor salvage a 2:2 tie with HC SKA by scoring one and assisting on the other tally. This is the young 81born prospect’s most productive season with 29 goals thus far. Alexei Mikhnov (Edmonton Oilers) scored his first goal since returning to Russia from the Edmonton Oilers. The young forward skated with two other centers Artem Anisimov (New York Rangers) and Gennady Churilov (undrafted) on HC Lokomotiv’s third line. Former Swift Current Broncos forward Danis Zaripov (undrafted) scored five goals in the 8:2 trouncing of HC MVD. Boston Bruins prospect Sergei Zinovjev (Boston Bruins) assisted on four of the five tallies. READ MORE
02/07/2007 Web Site News: Super League statistics updated through Tour 49
02/07/2007 Coyotes' Lisin (Phoenix Coyotes) on His Way Home (RSL Report)
02/07/2007 Round 48 - Lemtyugov (St. Louis Blues) leads Severstal with two goals

Nikolai Lemtyugov (St. Louis Blues) led surging HC Severstal to an impressive victory over the top HC Ak Bars, scoring two goals for his club. Alexey Cherepanov (2006 NHL Entry Draft) struck again for his 12th tally of the season despite his line with Kuryanov and Popov being broken up, though he was reunited with Popov. Grigori Shafigullin (Nashville Predators) delivered a strong performance for HC Lokomotiv, playing a physical and productive game, scoring a goal and assisting on the other. READ MORE
02/06/2007 Round 47 - Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) scores twice, saves CSKA

Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) scored his 12th and 13th goals of the season to lead CSKA to victory over HC Sibir after his club squandered an early 3:0 lead. He gave CSKA an insurance goal with a little over 10 minutes to play on a mean wrist shot he put over the goalie while taking a penalty shot. Konstantin Glazachev (Nashville Predators) continued to gain steam in his new role as a top line winger with HC Amur, scoring his seventh goal of the season. The young forward has continued to look stronger in every game with increased ice time. Denis Platonov (Nashville Predators) and Alexei Kaigorodov (Phoenix Coyotes) both enjoyed multi-point games, with Platonov scoring two of Metallurg’s six goals, while Kaigorodov scored one and assisted on the other. The two, along with Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs), have looked very strong for Metallurg recently and are a major reason why the club has been so successful without Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) this season. READ MORE
02/04/2007 Fedor Fedorov (New York Rangers) leaves Russia
01/31/2007 Round 46 - Anisimov (NY Rangers) scores first professional goal!

Artem Anisimov (New York Rangers) scored his first Super League against HC Avangard, helping his club earn an important 4:3 victory against one of Russia’s top clubs. Enver Lisin (Phoenix Coyotes) collected his fourth goal since returning to Russia. He has consistently skated on the last line, but has gotten significant ice time and has also played more often on the power play unit. Ivan Kasutin (undrafted) continued to play strongly in net for HC CSKA, though still collecting a loss despite stopping 29 of 32 faced shots. READ MORE
01/26/2007 Round 45 - Igor Mirnov (Ottawa Senators) continues to roll

Konstantin Glazachev (Nashville Predators) continues to reclamation of his career with HC Amur. The young forward has thus far two goals and two assists in six games since joining the new club. Dmitry Utkin (Boston Bruins) notched his 5th and 6th goals of the season in a rare offensively strong performance, though his HC Traktor still fell short of beating HC Metallurg. Igor Mirnov (Ottawa Senators) notched his 17th of the season, and has now scored three goals in the past four games. READ MORE
01/24/2007 Round 44 - Grigorenko regains scoring touch

Denis Grebeshkov (New York Islanders) has picked up his scoring, adding his 5th of the season for HC Lokomotiv in the club’s victory over the favored HC Khimik. Evgeni Artukhin (Tampa Bay Lightning) did not score, but managed to break the glass next to the penalty box with a bone-crushing shoulder check. In the day of underdogs, HC Dynamo tied up top HC Ak Bars 2:2 behind a strong effort from Igor Mirnov (Ottawa Senators) and former NHLer Alexander Kharitonov, who were involved in both goals. Igor Grigorenko (Detroit Red Wings) has again found his scoring touch in the past few games, scoring his 9th of the season with Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) stopping 27 of the 28 faced shots. READ MORE
01/23/2007 Round 43 - Kulemin (Toronto) nets a hattrick!

Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) netted a hattrick for HC Metallurg, helping the club beat HC SKA. Kulemin now has 23 goals thus far this season and is one of the Super League’s leaders. Alexey Cherepanov (2007 NHL Entry Draft) did not score, but did assist on the highly productive Cherepanov READ MORE
01/21/2007 Sergei Zinovjev (Boston Bruins) out for two more weeks

Sergei Zinovjev (Boston Bruins) is expected to miss at least two more weeks with an ailing hip. The young forward reportedly hurt the hip a few weeks back in December, but continued to play on it until succumbing to the pain during the Champions tournament in St. Petersburg. He is now being treated for the strain in Kazan.
01/17/2007 Round 42 - Koshechkin (Tampa Bay) shuts down opponents again

Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) earned his second shutout in a row and his fifth of the season. Varlamov (Washington Capitals) struggled once again in his second game back with HC Lokomotiv since winning the silver medals at the U20 WJC. Philadelphia Flyers prospect Rudenko scored both of Lokomotiv’s goals in the 2:4 loss to HC Salavat Yulayev. HC Khimik defeated HC SKA, with Makarov (Chicago Blackhawks) netting his sixth of the season in a losing effort, and Mozyakin (Columbus Blue Jackets) scoring a hattrick to lead his club to victory. READ MORE
01/16/2007 Round 41 - Grigorenko (Detroit Red Wings) heating up

Detroit Red Wings prospect Igor Grigorenko scored his eight goal of the season, helping his club beat HC Salavat Yulayev. His performance only gave way to that of Lada’s goaltender Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning), who earned his fourth shutout of the season. U20 WJC silver medalist Alexei Cherepanov (2007 NHL Entry Draft) continued his strong play, helping HC Avangard earn a win in a surprisingly high scoring game against HC Traktor. READ MORE
01/11/2007 Web Site News: Super League statistics updated through Tour 40
01/11/2007 Round 39 - Kaigorodov leads Metallurg to victory

A prospect on a rebound, Artem Chernov (Dallas Stars) notched his 12th goal of the season, while newly acquired Phoenix Coyote prospect Alexei Kaigorodov helped surging Metallurg win by scoring one and assisting on another goal. Yuri Trubachev (Calgary Flames) upstaged Igor Grigorenko’s (Detroit Red Wings) return to Cherepovets by tallying twice and helping the home club beat Grigorenko’s Lada 3:2. Grigorenko did his best to keep Lada in the game, notching a goal and creating a couple of other scoring chances, but to no avail. READ MORE
12/28/2006 Anton Khudobin shines in net for HC Metallurg

Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) helped Metallurg (Magnitogorsk) with by scoring the game winning overtime goal, his 19th goal of the season, while Anton Khudobin (Minnesota Wild) stopped 40 of 41 shots he faced in a strong performance. 2004 Super League rookie of the year Yakov Rylov (undrafted) scored two goals for HC Dynamo, though his club still succumbed 2:3 to HC Lokomotiv. Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) also did not give an inch in net for HC Lada, delivering his first strong game since the Channel One international tournament. READ MORE
12/27/2006 Russia opens with a win over the Czechs 3:2
12/26/2006 Super League statistics updated through Tour 37
12/26/2006 Round 37: Barulin (St. Louis Blues) plays strong again
12/26/2006 Dmitry Semin (St. Louis Blues) returns from injury
12/26/2006 Scouts Corner: Artem Kryukov (Buffalo Sabres) on the rise

Artem Kryukov (Buffalo Sabres) had not had a joyful start to the 2006-07 season. He started the season with HC Vityaz and struggled to fit into the new club. He went pointless in 12 games with the team and dropped in the team’s depth chart. In November the Buffalo Sabres prospect was put on waivers by Vityaz and returned home to his HC Lokomotiv to an uncertain future. Fortunately, the young forward fit right in with the younger, revamped HC Lokomotiv squad coached by former NHLer Nikolai Borschevsky. Kryukov at times skated with Artukhin and Fedor Fedorov, but that line has since been split up. What is clear after watching Kryukov skate in recent games against HC Metallurg (Novokuznetsk), HC Severstal (Cherepovets), and HC SKA (St. Petersburg) is that Kryukov fit in with his old team and his development has come back on track. His skating has improved, as his aggression level on the ice. He is hard to compete against next to the boards and clearly become a stronger, physical presence. He is a player who should definitely be watched over the remainder of the 2006-07 season.
12/25/2006 Andrei Zubarev: Buravchikov and I play every other game. There is only one explanation: the coach knows better.

Along with Viacheslav Buravchikov, he is considered the top junior defenseman in Russia. The 19 year old Ufa native Andrei Zubarev is currently playing in his second season with Ak Bars but unlike last year, he hasn’t been able to solidify his spot on the team. After another game, the defenseman who is considered as one of Russia’s future hopes talked with READ MORE
12/24/2006 Round 36: Shirokov (Vancouver) and Parshin (Colorado) roll on

Former NHLer Oleg Kvasha recorded two goals for Vityaz, almost helping his team come back against HC Lada. Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) and Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks) HC CSKA tendem continues to perform well, with Shirokov recording his 11th and Parshin his 10th goal of the season. This is despite the absence of their third linemate, Alexander Nikulin (Ottawa Senators), who continues to be sidelined by an injury. Konstantin Barulin (St.Louis Blues) got a rare start for HC Khimik and made the most of it by performing well for the Vosskresensk club, stopping several dangerous scoring chances, playing mature hockey and coldly challenging opponents’ shots far outside the crease. READ MORE
12/21/2006 Super League Transfer Movements: Soviet Wings disintegrates, young prospects search for second chances
12/21/2006 Round 35 - Parshin leads CSKA to victory!

Sergei Anshakov (Pittsburgh Penguins) fit in well with his new squad, receiving accolades from his new coach as the team’s only noticeable new comer and also earning the third star of the game. Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) collected a couple of goals in HC CSKA’s victory over HC Lada and rusty Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning), who was fresh from the Channel One EuroTour tournament in Moscow. READ MORE
12/14/2006 Morozov eyeing return to the NHL
12/13/2006 Viktor Alexandrov (St. Louis Blues) waived by SKA
12/13/2006 Sergei Anshakov (Pittsburgh Penguins) waived by HC CSKA

Sergei Anshakov (Pittsburgh Penguins) was waived by HC CSKA. While the player has had a history of issues off the ice, the club’s head coach Bykov underlined that this was not the reason for his release and Anshakov has matured and has been very responsible. The reason for his departure, according to Bykov, is Anshakov’s lack of scoring thus far this season with just 5 points (2g+3a) in 29 games. The young forward’s future club is uncertain, but he has played well this season despite the lack of scoring and will likely catch on elsewhere.
12/08/2006 Dmitry Semin (St. Louis Blues) breaks hand
12/08/2006 Round 30 - 17 year old Cherepanov scores twice!

17 year old 2007 NHL Entry Draft prospect Alexander Cherepanov scored his 9th and 10th goal of the season, continuing to be the brightest young player in Russia and well on his way to the Rookie of the Year honors. Former Columbus Blue Jackets prospect defenseman Alexander Guskov continues scoring streak with his 15th goal of the season. Sergei Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks) scored his 10th of the season, but it was not enough for HC CSKA to top HC Khimik. READ MORE
12/07/2006 Round 29 - Kiril Koltsov (Vancouver) earns 4 points

Kiril Koltsov (Vancouver Canucks) had a hand in every HC Avangard goal, scoring one and assisting on the other three. Former Florida Panthers forward Ivan Novoseltsev scored his first goal since returning to Russia after a failed attempt to return to the NHL with the Chicago Blackhawks. Former Columbus Blue Jackets prospect Alexander Guskov scored his 14th goal of the season, leading all defenseman and most forwards! READ MORE
12/06/2006 Round 28 - Kolesnik pitches a shutout

Vitaly Kolesnik (Colorado Avalanche) earned a shutout for HC Khimik, stopping all 29 shots. 2007 NHL Entry Draft prospect Alexey Cherepanov scored his eight goal of the season in HC Avangard’s victory over HC Traktor. Washington Capitals goaltending prospect Semen Varlamov delivered another solid showing, allowing just one goal on 30 shots in a loss to HC Salavat Yulayev. READ MORE
12/02/2006 Super League statistics updated through Tour 31
12/02/2006 Round 27 - Kaigorodov returns home

Alexei Shkotov (St. Louis Blues) and Ilya Zubov (Ottawa Senators) made their debuts for HC Salavat Yulayev against their former club, HC Khimik. The pair was released by Khimik in early November. HC Ak Bars suffered a surprising loss to the struggling HC Metallurg, though the latter enjoyed the return of Alexei Kaigorodov into the team’s ranks from Ottawa. READ MORE
11/30/2006 Round 26

Fedor Fedorov (New York Rangers) earned his first career hat trick against the lowly Soviet Wings. His club, HC Lokomotiv put together a new READ MORE
11/29/2006 Phoenix Coyotes suspend Enver Lisin

Phoenix Coyotes suspended Enver Lisin today for failing to report to his AHL assignment with the San Antonio Rampage. The young forward started the season with the Rampage before being called up to Phoenix due to the club suffering a rash of injuries. Since then he spent 17 games with the NHL club, recording a goal and an assist. Still, the young forward was surprisingly reported by Russia’s HC Ak Bars during the early November transfer period. Apparently the young forward made this decision due to the impending return to Phoenix of several injured players, which would mean a demotion for Lisin. Thus, due to a lack of an agreement between the NHL and the Russian Hockey Federation, the Coyotes have little chance of preventing the young forward from playing for Ak Bars, where he is likely to fetch a salary equivalent to the NHL’s entry contract he received from the Phoenix based club.
11/27/2006 Denis Shvidki (Florida Panthers) starts season on the right foot
11/20/2006 Round 25

Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) struggles in first start after Karjala Cup, letting in three goals in a little more than a period before being pulled. Former NHL forward Ivan Kvasha made his debut HC Vityaz, scoring his first goal in his club’s losing record against HC MVD, the club he was supposed to originally join. READ MORE
11/17/2006 Super League statistics updated through Tour 25
11/14/2006 Alexei Shkotov (St. Louis Blues) joins new club in Russia

Alexei Shkotov (St. Louis Blues) has joined a new club in Russia. He has left HC Khimik and signed a new deal through the end of the season with HC Salavat Yulayev, which has retooled significantly during the past off-season. The young forward has reportedly had a number of other suitors, including HC CSKA and the wealthy HC Ak Bars, but he chose Salavat Yulayev due to the club’s stability and his opportunity to get extensive ice time.
11/06/2006 Former All Star goalie Arturs Irbe signs with HC Avangard

Former All Star goalie Arturs Irbe signed a contract with Super League club HC Avangard (Omsk). The veteran goaltender spent many years in the NHL, leading the San Jose Sharks and then the Caroline Hurricanes to the playoffs, reaching the Stanley Cup Finals with the Hurricanes. He spent last season in Austria and has not reportedly played competitive hockey thus far this season. Currently HC Avangard fields former Edmonton Oilers prospect Alexander Fomichev as the club’s starter, but clearly the club is looking for a reliable veteran to compete with Fomichev for the starting job.
11/06/2006 Yana Romanova Corner: Ivan Nepriayev (Washington Capitals) speaks his mind correspondent Yana Romanova interviews Washington Capitals prospect Ivan Nepriayev, who discusses his current success in Russia, his experience at the 2006 Winter Olympics Games, and his NHL prospects with the Washington Capitals. READ MORE
11/04/2006 Round 23

Artem Chernov (Dallas Stars) earned a hattrick for HC MVD, underlining the significance of his return to the Super League after a couple of years of personal struggles. Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) leads HC Lada to victory over top ranked HC Ak bars, stopping 25 of 28 shots he faced. READ MORE
11/02/2006 Denis Shvidki (Florida Panthers) signs with HC Amur

Denis Shvidki (Florida Panthers) has reportedly signed a one year contract in Russia with HC Amur (Khabarovsk).
11/01/2006 Web Site News: Super League statistics updated through Tour 23
11/01/2006 Round 22: Barulin (St. Louis Blues) wins in rare start

Goalie Ivan Kasutin (2007 NHL Entry Draft) delivered a strong performance for HC CSKA against HC Metallurg Novokuznetsk despite allowing two goals in less than two minutes to open the third period. Konstantin Barulin (St. Louis Blues) took advantage of a rare starting opportunity for HC Khimik and lead his club to a victory over strong Lokomotiv by stopping 29 of 30 faced shots. READ MORE
10/28/2006 Igor Mirnov (Ottawa Senators) on the move
10/28/2006 17 year old Cherepanov (2007 NHL Draft) scores again

Former NHL Washington Capitals goalie Sebastian Charpantier carried Vityaz to a 1:0 victory over HC Metallurg Nk., stopping all 37 shots he faced. Young 17 year old rising star Alexei Cherepanov scored his fifth goal of the season and has been one of the pleasant surprises in HC Avangard’s lineup, forcing Czech forward Novak out of the lineup. READ MORE
10/28/2006 Alexei Shkotov (St. Louis Blues) put on waivers by HC Khimik

Alexei Shkotov (St. Louis Blues) has been put on waivers by HC Khimik reportedly over an apparent disagreement between the young player and the club’s coaching staff. The young forward lead the club last year in +/-, but the club’s defensive style likely had to do with his departure from Mytische. Reportedly, several clubs are interested in the player, though the best offer appears to be coming from the wealthy HC Ak Bars.
10/26/2006 Web Site News: Super League statistics updated through Tour 21
10/26/2006 Round 20: Rosa (Los Angeles) scores 10th, 11th goals

Igor Grigorenko (Detroit Red Wings) returned from a five game suspension, taking his spot back on HC Lada’s top line. Russian national team goaltender Maxim Sokolov dueled with Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) performing well in a rare start. Pavel Rosa (Los Angeles Kings) scored his 10th and 11th goals of the season, enjoying his best season yet in the Russian Super League. READ MORE
10/24/2005 Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) holds starting job

Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) started in eighth game in a row for HC Lokomotiv, providing the club with needed stability between the pipes. Overall, the young netminder holds an impressive record of five wins, three ties and two losses thus far for the 2006-07 season. Despite the coach’s continued assertions that he trusts Varlamov and veteran Podomatsky equally, the fact that Varlamov has been consistently in net over the past month speaks for itself. In addition to his success in the Super League, Varlamov will also be the starting goalie for Russia’s U20 squad at the U20 World Junior Championships.
10/23/2006 Super League statistics updated through Tour 19
10/23/2006 Round 19 - Day of the doubles 3 prospects score twice

Day of the doubles with three prospects scoring a pair each. Igor Volkov (New York Islanders) is coming back to form as a sniper, adding two goals for HC Salavat Yulayev against HC SKA. Sergei Soin (Nashville Predators) and Evgeny Skachkov (St.Louis Blues) also each added a pair of goals for their respective clubs. Albert Vishnyakov (Tampa Bay Lightning) scored his sixth goal of the season, enjoying another strong season for HC Dynamo. READ MORE
10/21/2006 Round 18: Varlamov (Washington) notches another win

Ivan Nepriayev (Washington Capitals) and Dmitri Semin (St.Louis Blues) each collected two goals, which Konstantin Glazachev (Nashville Predators) added another tally in HC Lokomotiv’s 6:2 victory over HC MVD. Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) won that contest. 1986 born goalie Ivan Kasutin (undrafted) enjoyed another strong outing for HC CSKA, stopping 24 of the 25 shots he faced. READ MORE
10/21/2006 Super League statistics updated through Tour 18
10/21/2006 Kiril Koltsov (Vancouver Canucks): We will return Czechs the favor in Moscow

One of the top Super League defensemen Kiril Koltsov (Vancouver Canucks) discusses his potential NHL future. He also touches upon the Evgeny Malkin's departure to North America to join the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins. READ MORE
10/20/2006 Round 17: Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) shines

The dynamic Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) READ MORE
10/20/2006 Round 18 - HC Khimik - HC Ak Bars Detailed Game Recap

A detailed recap of the game between two of the strongest Russian Super League clubs. The game featured Super League's top forward Alexei Morozov, as well as a number of young NHL prospects. READ MORE
10/19/2006 Round 16: Semen Varlamov earns another win

Dmitri Semin (St. Louis Blues) scored two goals for HC Lokomotiv in the club’s trouncing of HC SKA, while Konstantin Glazachev (Nashville Predators) added his second of the season. Semen Varlamov earned the win for Loko, stopping 33 of the 35 shots he faced. 17 year old Zhelobnyuk started in his second game in a row, collecting another loss, though again earning a star of the game honors in the defeat, stopping 31 of the 35 shots he faced. READ MORE
10/18/2006 Round 15: 17 year old goalie Zhelobnyuk makes Super League debut

Ilya Zubov (Ottawa Senators) finally scores his first goal of the season. 17 year old Cherepanov earns star of the game honors, helping with 2 assists HC Avangard to beat HC Dynamo 5:2. Interestingly, the game marked the debut of another 17 year old Russian U18 national squad starting goaltender Vadim Zhelobnyuk. The young goalie’s debut is due to the unfortunate situation where Dynamo’s top three goalies are recovering from various injuries. READ MORE
10/16/2006 Web Site News: Super League statistics updated through Tour 16
10/16/2006 Round 14: Shirokov (Vancouver) leads CSKA to victory

Sergei Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks) scored two goals for HC CSKA, leading his club to victory. Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) continues strong play in net for HC Lada. 89 born Anisin scored his first goal of his professional career! READ MORE
10/13/2006 Round 13: Ex-NHLer Kvartalnov earns hattrick at 41!

Former Boston Bruins forward Dmitri Kvartalnov scored a hattrick for the HC Soviet Wings, helping his club to a rare victory and against one of the top Russian clubs this season, HC Vityaz. These were his first three goals of the season. Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) started for HC Lokomotiv, earning a tie against HC Sibir. READ MORE
10/13/2006 Web Site News: Super League statistics updated through Tour 14
10/12/2006 Round 12: Kazionov (Tampa Bay) pots two tallies for HC Ak Bars

HC Ak Bars continues to roll by blowing out HC SKA with its 8 goals coming from six different players. Dmitri Kazionov (Tampa Bay Lightning) earned third star honors by scoring his third and fourth of the season. Konstantin Barulin (St. Louis Blues) got unexpected ice time when Vitali Kolesnik (Colorado Avalanche) was pulled after allowing three goals in 11 minutes. Barulin performed well, allowing just one goal in two and a half period, though coming short in helping his team earn a win. READ MORE
10/11/2006 Sergei Zinovjev (Boston Bruins) involved in a car accident
10/11/2006 Round 11: King-less HC Metallurg continues to struggle.

Dmitri Utkin (Boston Bruins) scored his first goal of the season, helping HC Traktor notch another win against HC Soviet Wings. David King-less HC Metallurg (Magnitogorsk) continued to struggle this season, finishing in a 0:0 tie with the lowly HC Amur, which rests securely at the bottom of the Super League rankings. Pavel Rosa (Los Angeles Kings) continued to perform well for HC Avangard, creating a lot of scoring chances and notching his sixth goal of the season. READ MORE
10/09/2006 Round 10: Korolyuk (New Jersey) back in full force

Newly acquired New Jersey Devil Alexander Korolyuk scored two goals for Vityaz in just his second game back from injury, helping his surprising HC Vityaz beat HC Avangard. Nikolai Zherdev (Columbus Blue Jackets) bid Russia farewell in one last game before his return back to North America after coming to a new agreement with Columbus. The young forward tried hard to score in his final game, but failed in this bid, though managing to skate the length of the ice with the puck on one occasion. He did manage to notch two assists in HC Khimik’s blowout of HC CSKA. READ MORE
10/08/2006 Scott Cullen ( answers regarding Anaheim’s Maxim Kondratiev
10/08/2006 Round 9: Koshechkin (Tampa Bay) earns shutout

Vitaly Anikienko (Ottawa Senators) nets first career professional goal. HC Ak Bars falls for the first time despite 10th goal of the season for Alexei Morozov. Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) earns a shutout against the lowly HC Amur. READ MORE
10/07/2006 Semen Varlamov (Washington Capitals) makes Super League debut

While it’s hard to label Semen Varlamov’s (Washington Capitals) Super League debut as a smashing success, the youngster stood strong and notched a win under his belt. Varlamov was put in action on September 19th, giving veteran Egor Podomatsky a well deserved rest after four straight starts. HC Lokomotiv has been careful with the youngster and put him in action against an easier opponent, the lowly Soviet Wings, who currently reside at the bottom of the Super League rankings. Varlamov performed well for the most part but still allowed four goals on 22 shots, which is hard to call a strong performance, though some of the saves he made were spectacular.

On a final note, since his debut, Varlamov has made two more starts for HC Lokomotiv, playing stronger in each game. He has benefited from the coaching change in the club, as the new head coach, former NHLer Nikolai Borschevsky trusts the young netminder a lot more than the previous regime. Currently the Yaroslavl based club is alternating the Washington Capitals prospect and Egor Podomatsky in each game and thus far the formula has worked well.
10/06/2006 Vyshnyakov (Tampa Bay) scores a double

Artem Chernov (Dallas Stars) continues to enjoy a strong return to the Super League, notching his fourth goal of the season. Goaltender Gelashvilli once again shines between the pipes for HC Traktor, leading the team to a rare victory. Artem Vishnyakov (Tampa Bay Lightning) broke out of his slump with two goals, helping struggling HC Dynamo beat HC Metallurg. Sergei Zinovjev (Boston Bruins) was moved down to the third line to center talented 16 year old prospect Kiril Petrov. READ MORE
10/01/2006 Super League statistics updated through Tour 10
10/01/2006 Tour 7: Nikulins (Ottawa and Atlanta) deliver results

Georgy Gelashvilli shines in HC Traktor’s overtime loss to HC Avangard (Omsk). Alexander (Ottawa Senators) and Ilya (Atlanta Thrashers) Nikulin (unrelated) both deliver strong performances for HC CSKA and HC Ak Bars respectively. First Nikulin scored a goal and assisted on two others while skating on the dynamic Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks) READ MORE
09/29/2006 Star on the Rise: Gelashvilli may be Russia's Rookie of the Year
09/28/2006 Tour 6: Pestunov (Phoenix) scores a hattrick!

Dmitri Pestunov (Phoenix Coyotes) opens his season scoring in style with a hattrick in a HC Metallurg’s 8:3 drubbing of HC Neftkhimik. Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) continues to look strong in net for HC Lada, helping his club to victory by stopping 36 of 37 shots he faced against HC Khimik. As reported earlier Denis Grebeshkov (New York Islanders) earned a match penalty and a suspension for his hit on Goroshansky in the contest against the Soviet Wings. READ MORE
09/27/2006 Tour 5: Khudobin (Minnesota Wild) makes debut

Alexei Morozov (NHL Free Agent) continues to dominate the Super League, scoring two goals and assisting on a third in HC Ak Bars victory over HC Metallurg. The game also marked a season debut for Denis Khudobin (Minnesota Wild), who despite allowing three goals was the game’s third star for his performance. In the theme of Russian goaltender debuts, Vasily Koshechkin (Tampa Bay Lightning) taken over the spot in Lada’s net, replacing former NHL goalie Mike Fountain. READ MORE
09/27/2006 Kiril Koltsov (Vancouver Canucks) misses game due to injury
09/23/2006 Denis Grebeshkov (New York Islanders) suspended for NHL caliber hit
09/23/2006 Ilya Zubov (Ottawa Senators) suffers an arm injury

Ilya Zubov (Ottawa Senators) suffered an arm injury in the match against Lada (Togliatti). The young center already missed one game against Evgeny Malkin’s former club HC Metallurg (Magnitogorsk). The young 88 born forward has consistently been in Khimik’s lineup and was one of the club’s valuable acquisitions after the collapse of the HC Spartak organization with which Zubov was still under contract for the 2006-07 season.
09/20/2006 Super League Tour 4: Kulemin (Toronto) leads Metallurg

Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs) leads Metallurg past HC MVD with a goal and an assist. Artem Chernov (Dallas Stars) marks his return and scores his first goal back in the Super League since returning back from Belarus and recovering from substance abuse. Evgeny Fedorov (Los Angeles Kings) continues to vie for MVP with another strong 2 goal performance. READ MORE
09/19/2006 Web Site News: Super League statistics updated through Tour 6
09/19/2006 Dmitri Pestunov (Phoenix Coyotes) nets a hattrick against HC Neftkhimik
09/16/2006 Super League Tour 3: Korneev (Montreal) breaks Severstal

Konstantin Korneev (Montreal Canadiens) led CSKA to the club’s first victory of the season, scoring the clubs first two goals in a 4:0 blow out against Severstal. The game also marked the season debut of former NHL goalie Peteris Skudra, who has been out with an injury. Ruslan Zainullin (Calgary Flames) delivered a strong performance for HC MVD, and appears to settle and find a full time job in the Super League. READ MORE
09/15/2006 Denis Grebeshkov (New York Islanders) suffers a minor injury
09/13/2006 Super League Tour 2: Lokomotiv still winless

Tour 2 complete box scores and lineups. Lokomotiv continues to be winless after two games. Defenseman Anton Belov (2007 NHL Entry Draft) scores his first Super League goal on an offensive rush and a set up from behind the net by Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalnache). Artem Kryukov (Buffalo Sabres) debuts for HC Vityaz from Podolsk. READ MORE
09/13/2006 Exlusive: Scouting Report - Energized CSKA Red Army club lead by youth

An analysis of how and why young Russian forward prospects Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche), Alexander Nikulin (Ottawa Senators), and Sergei Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks), as well as defensemen Kiril Lyamin (Ottawa Senators) and Anton Belov have developed into HC CSKA's leaders. READ MORE
09/08/2006 Super League Season season opens (Tour 1 Box Scores and Lineups)
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