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Author: Alessandro Seren RossoDate: 02/20/2009
Shirokov and Parshin shine in CSKA's big victory against Atlant

2009 Continental Hockey League (KHL)

In one of the last regular season matches, CSKA skated easily over Atlant in Mytischi running away in the third period after being still tied at two after the first two periods. Ray Emery, back in the lineup after his incident with the Atlant’s trainer, hasn’t played his best game, while the same can’t be said about his direct opponent Jussi Markkanen (Edmonton Oilers), who has been solid throughout the whole game. CSKA played without one of its newcomers, Kirill Starkov (Columbus Blue Jackets), while Atlant is without Alexander Bumagin (Edmonton Oilers).

The game’s start has been all for the guests: after a little scramble behind the crease that seen skating to the box Maxim Kondratiev (Anaheim Mighty Ducks) and Alexander Nesterov, CSKA started pushing the gas, being dangerous firstly with Denis Kulyash (Nashville Predators) and then with Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche). After five minutes only the Red Army scored the go-ahead goal: Zhmakin unchallenged on the left flank centers for the rushin Hannula, who easily puts it past Emery. Nice combination, but Atlant defense was really off. In particular, Kanareikin has been outplayed on the wing, and Johansson hasn’t checked Hannula hard enough, thus freeing him up directly in front of the goalkeeper. Not the kind of play you want from your defensemen.

After Atlant swallowed the 0-1 they got a powerplay after a penalty against Oleg Saprykin (Ottawa Senators), but Kanareikin’s team didn’t manage to be much dangerous as they only produced a weak shot by Denis Bodrov (Philadelphia Flyers). Three minutes later CSKA had another scoring chance: Parshin put on a show decking past three defensemen with the puck glued to the blade, but then a rude but clean play by Andrei Zubarev (Atlanta Thrashers) knocks him off the puck, that went to Kulyash. The consequent powerful slap shot came blocked by Emery.

At the sixteenth minute the home team finally gained some momentum with a couple of shots by Mozyakin and Pirnes. The game flew on, but Konstantin Korneev (Montreal Canadiens) threw the puck over the glasses, gaining thus a minor penalty. Atlant got on a powerplay and earned the tying goal: Kanareikin was playing the point when he served Leschev behind the crease. The veteran, former CSKA player, moved the puck left to Pronin, free to pierce Markkanen with a nice, low wrist shot. One minute later Atlant doubled the score: Semenov slapped it from the blue line, the puck ricocheted against a defenseman, moving towards Pirnes. Korneev’s intervene was late, allowing a shot to the Finn. His country mate goalkeeper managed to reflect the first shot, but the rebound got picked up by Sergey Mozyakin free to put it in the back of the net for the 2-1. The goal has been caused by the bad positioning of CSKA’s defense and for the bad play of Konstantin Korneev (Montreal Canadiens).

Some istants later Leschev could score the third one after a bad error by Maxim Goncharov (Phoenix Coyotes), but he tried a couple of tricks too much, allowing Goncharov to recover and stop him. At the end of the third period Atlant got yet another chance after a good rush by Evgeny Gladskikh (Vancouver Canucks) – good game for him – and Mikhail Glukhov, who nicely served Bodrov on the blue line, but the one timer ricocheted against Parshin’s skate, thus rescuing CSKA’s defense once again. Thus meant that the first period ended with a 2-1 lead for the home team.

In the second period’s start Atlant kept on pushing: after an unsuccessful powerplay due to a penalty called against Rozin, at the fourth minute a big shot by Arkhipov beaten Markkanen, but hit the post.
After this unlucky play by the former Nashville player the game changed it course. At the sixth minute Ivan Khomutov (New Jersey Devils) and Shirokov with a great combination put Parshin in a good position for a shot, but Emery denied the chance. CSKA insisted with Saprykin, but once again Atlant’s goalie guarded well the crease. 7’25”: after a blue line slap shot by Zhmakin the ref sent Andrei Zubarev (Atlanta Thrashers) to the penalty box as the young defenseman hit Hannula with the puck already frozen in order to protect his goalkeeper. In the consequent powerplay CSKA tried hard and got near to the tie with a big shot by Konstantin Korneev (Montreal Canadiens), stopped by the right post. Just after the two minutes run out the home team earned a powerplay as Khomutov hit Pirnes along the boards against the rules. CSKA killed the penalty, then Saprykin launched Grigori Misharin (Minnesota Wild) on a quick counterattack, the Minnesota prospect with great technique kept the ball rolling controlling the puck with the skate and shot, great reply by Emery. CSKA insisted and after a great rush by Parshin got on a powerplay, Boikov came sent off for hooking. Bykov’s team completely spoiled the chance with a nice shot from the point by Maxim Goncharov (Phoenix Coyotes), assisted by Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) and Sergei Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks), that surprised Emery and went in. In this occasion, for the first time in the second period, Atlant successfully reacted and got the man advantage because of a foul play by Misharin, but CSKA’s box play closed all the spaces, and thus the middle stanza finished with the teams tied at two.

The third period will be mostly a CSKA solo. After a quick counterattack by Mozyakin, with the slapshot pad saved by Markkanen, the Muscovites scored the go-ahead goal: Khomutov served Parshin, who goes blatantly hacked by Bykov and the ref called a delayed penalty. The puck returned to Khomutov who passed to Shirokov, unchallenged right in front of Emery free to score the 3-2. Just one minute and the Red Army put again the biscuit in the basket. With a great combination Simakov served Vadim Epanchintsev who moved the puck to the slot towards Oleg Saprykin (Ottawa Senators). The former Ottawa forward was in a comfortable frontal position and with a good wrist shot put it in for the 4-2. The home team got caught in a tight spot. At the fifth minute Atlant tried a shy reaction, Anton Lazarev rushed on the right and Khomutov stopped him by foul means. The Red Army once again not only killed the penalty, but added a shorthanded marker with a nice diving goal scored by Schastlivy after a good rush by Suglobov on the right. At this point CSKA scored three goals in three minutes.

Atlant’s play was really spineless. They didn’t react after the terrible one-two-three by the guests, who kept running the score late in the third period. After an ugly hit by Kanareikin on Saprykin, that cost him a game misconduct, Parshin from behind the crease served Kulyash on the blue line. The big defenseman adjusted the puck on his blade and attempted a terrific, powerful slap shot that left no way out to Emery for the 6-2. After a penalty on both sides, called against Maxim Kondratiev (Anaheim Mighty Ducks) and Denis Bodrov (Philadelphia Flyers) after a little brawl caused by a hit by the latter, the Soldiers scored again: Alexander Suglobov completely unchallenged on the left could skate towards Emery and beat him with a nice wristshot from the right circle. That was the game’s last emotion and now Atlant’s coach Fedor Kanareikin will have a lot to think in order to not repeat such bad performances in the upcoming playoffs.

Atlant Mytischi - CSKA Moscow 2-7 (2-1; 0-1; 0-5)

05:44 0-1 Mika Hannula (Stanislav Zhmakin)
17:29 1-1 Nikolai Pronin (Albert Leschev, Leonid Kanareikin)
18:28 2-1 Sergei Mozyakin (Columbus Blue Jackets) (Esa Pirnes)
34:12 2-2 Maxim Goncharov (Phoenix Coyotes) (Sergei Shirokov, Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche))
43:03 2-3 Sergei Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks) (Ivan Khomutov, Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche))
44:06 2-4 Oleg Saprykin (Ottawa Senators) (Vadim Epanchintsev, Alexei Simakov)
45:36 2-5 Petr Schastlivy (Phoenix Coyotes) (Alexander Suglobov)
50:56 2-6 Denis Kulyash (Nashville Predators) (Denis Parshin, Sergei Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks))
56:03 2-7 Alexander Suglobov (Petr Schastlivy)

Scouting notes

Atlant prospects

Andrei Zubarev (Atlanta Thrashers)
Grade: C
Played as left defenseman in the third line. He tried hard throughout the whole game, never letting himself down by the opponents’ strong play. He had some good intervenes during the game, and has made his job without excelling at it, but without errors too.

Denis Bodrov (Philadelphia Flyers)
Grade: C
Second defensive pairing with Swede veteran Johansson, playing good minutes also on special teams. He played a decent offensive games, with a couple of chances too. He needs to work a bit on his shot though. He was caught out of position on CSKA’s fourth goal as he was too near the own blue line and was meant to play more deeply in the zone to obstacle the opponents’ quick rushes.

Anton Lazarev
Grade: C+
Despite he only plays in the fourth line, he was perhaps Atlant’s best prospect. He was one of the few persons who kept on playing in the third period – two others where Zubarev and Evgeny Gladskikh (Vancouver Canucks) – with his nifty stickhandling and good wheels. He’s developing nicely and it would be interesting to see him playing a more important role in the team.

CSKA prospects

Grigori Misharin (Minnesota Wild)
Grade: C+
Average game. He played in two different pairings, always near to defensemen with a big shot. He started the game with Artem Ternavsky (Washington Capitals), then he played with Denis Kulyash (Nashville Predators), where he has been more effective as he had to concentrate more on the defensive side. He showcased a great technique at the twelfth, when he stopped the puck with the skate, kicked it on the blade and shot for one of the game’s finest play. Too bad he lacks a bit of shot.

Konstantin Korneev (Montreal Canadiens)
Grade: C
A relative bad grade for him after his disastrous first period where he firstly threw the puck over the glasses, then renounced to check Pirnes and was thus responsible of both opponents’ goals. He kind of redeemed himself in the second and third periods with some nice offensive plays in which he displayed his great technique and excellent reading of the game.

Maxim Goncharov (Phoenix Coyotes)
Grade: B-
He was a bit dull in the start of the game, but he spoiled his unique chance scoring the fundamental 2-2 goal. In the rest of the match, a lot of substance and hard play along the boards, with a couple of good passes. He missed a big portion of the third period’s action after he was hit on the face by a shot when killing a penalty.

Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche)
Grade: B+
Excellent game even if he hasn’t scored as he added three assists and put in trouble the opponent defense many, many times thanks to his dazzling stickhandling that made him dancing through the opposition for the whole game. He is currently one of the Russian league’s top dribblers.

Sergei Shirokov (Vancouver Canucks)
Grade: B+
Once again he and Parshin showed how lethal is this duo. They click extremely well and are two perfect complementary players. They also know each other very well as they play together for three years now. He too scored three points as he scored one goal, assisting other two.

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