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Author: Alessandro Seren RossoDate: 01/23/2009
Stanislav Galiev: Russian methods are better, but in NA I have more opportunities

2009 Canadian Junior Leagues had the chance to get an exclusive interview with the young player native of Moscow Stanislav Galiev, who's enjoying a strong season in the United States Hockey League as he is one the league's top points scorer having scored so far sixteen goals and thirty-six points in thirty-three matches. Let's remember that he is among the youngest players of the league as most of the other guys are born prior of the 1990.

RP: Hello Stanislav, how is your season doing in the USHL?
SG: I think it is going pretty well….At least I am trying to do my best and succeed in every single game.

RP: Your name is not too spread around Russia, not only because you are very young, but also because now you play abroad. Can you talk a little bit about yourself to the users who know not much about you?
SG: I began playing hockey at the age of 4….I trained and practiced with the team of players one year older than me. In 2007-08, I became a member of Russian National Team U-17

RP:What are the most important figures of your career?
SG:The most important figure for me is Alexander Semin (Washington Capitals).

RP:When have you choose to move to America?
SG:I have chosen to move to America this summer to be exact on August 22, 2008.

RP: What are the differences you encountered so far between the Russian and the American systems?
SG: Firstly, the hockey rinks in Russia are bigger because they use Olympic rinks to play instead of NHL rinks like it is here, so in that case you have to act quickly…Practices are more intense here as well.

RP: Russian public now is a bit divided, many think that it's detrimental for young players to skate in the CHL or such leagues at young ages, and bring with them some good examples of players with such a career path like Dmitri Nabokov, or even the Bashkirov brothers, while others think that playing abroad is necessary to get the ice time and the pressure you would not get in Russia. Personally I think that for forwards it's better to stick with the kind of hockey and methods they are used to back in Russia, especially forwards. I understand what's your opinion on the matter as you are here in Indiana, but can you talk a bit about this?
SG: I agree…..Methods, coaches and techniques that Russia and Russian coaches have used always will be in higher level…However, the junior hockey league teams are a bit higher level in the USA and Canada….Also, I feel like there are more opportunities in the United States for me to be drafted and play in NHL.

RP: Another WJC and another lack of gold medal. What do you think about this year's WJC?
SG: I really enjoyed watching WJC. I think that the Canadian team has combined the best players they can possibly have….And it's extremely disappointed that our team (Russia) lost five seconds prior to the end.

RP: Do you await a call from the Russian national junior team? Do you think that the next year you might skate with Russia-91?
SG: No, I don't think so.

RP: How are you enjoying life in America? What do you like to do you in your free time?
SG: Yes, I enjoy being in the US. I like to play pool with my roommate, listening to music and watching tv.

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