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Author: Pavel Stryzhevsky (Sport Express Newspaper)
Translated By: Alexei Belousenko & Eugene Belashchenko
Date: 11/08/2005
Alexander Semin (Washington Capitals): I Was Emphatically Suggested in Togliatti Not to Leave

2006 Russian Super League
Alexander Semin
Alexander Semin

By Pavel Strizhevsky (Sport-Express: November 8, 2005)

Translated by Alexei Belousenko & Eugene Belashchenko ( /

Yesterday morning forward Alexander Semin participated in his first practice with the national team that is currently preparing for the Karjala Cup at Novogorsk training camp. After practice the forward answered the Sport-Express correspondent’s questions. It wasn’t easy for Semin to talk about the uneasy situation with Washington’s court decision. Nevertheless, this interview shined some light regarding the current situation.

Have you heard about American court’s decision to penalize your agent and forbid you to play for any club other than the Capitals?
A. Semin
: Yes, I’ve heard about it. Actually, I’ve read it in Sport-Express.

And do you think of it?
A. Semin
: I wouldn’t like to comment regarding any legal details.

Do you realize that the court prohibited you to play anywhere else except Washington?
A. Semin
: I found out about it from Sport-Express as well. So far I haven’t talk to my agent about it.

How often do you talk to your agent?
A. Semin
: Often.

And what does he think of this situation?
A. Semin
: He says that we’ll resolve the problem.

What is the problem?
A. Semin
: Whether I will be playing hockey.

Were you surprised that Washington sued you?
A. Semin
: Actually, I was expecting that they would go through it.

American court accepts appeals. Will your agent appeal the court’s decision?
A. Semin
: Perhaps.

The judge allotted for huge penalties if you were to go against his ruling

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