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Author: Evgeny Belashchenko (RussianProspects Exclusive)Date: 01/03/2005
Semifinals - Russia vs. USA Detailed Game Notes: Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) Carries Russia Forward

2005 U20 World Junior ChampionshipsPLAYER GAME NOTES
RUSSIA – USA 7:2 (3:2, 0:0, 4:0)
January 2nd, 2005 - Grand Forks, ND

PAIRING 1: Dmitri Vorobiev – Denis Ezhov
#6 Dmitri Vorobiev (Toronto Maple Leafs) - Playing very good offensive hockey...Vorobiev assisted on Russia’s first goal when he put a slap shot on the net after a missed one timer by Ovechkin. The puck went past Montoya, and was then one timed by Lisin high into the net...refereeing call was questionable on Vorobiev's penalty - he was roughed up a couple of times right before hooking the US forward, who was being shadowed by another Russian forward. The hook did not seem to be enough to bring the player down, but the American dived...stays very deep in the offensive zone when on the power play...very reliable defensively and is one of Russia’s few players who could take the physical contact and dish it out as well.
#24 Denis Ezhov (Buffalo Sabres) - Playing with more speed...making faster, better decisions...played well in the first period, making no mistakes...showed he could take hits and still make good decisions.

PAIRING 2: Yakov Rylov – Dmitri Megalinsky
#7 Yakov Rylov (Undrafted)
- Not afraid to make contact...has become a lot more confident since the first game...good speed...missed the puck on a clearing attempt, needs to make sure he completes the play before looking ahead...plays more physically at the boards, using his body – learned since the first game...has become a lot more confident with the puck, looking up the ice and making good decisions with the puck...reliable defensively.

#14 Dmitri Megalinsky (Undrafted) - Leveled Stafford into the boards with a vicious hit in the Russian right corner...skated on Russia's second defensive pairing with Rylov and did a very good job...taking a defensive role on Russia's second power play unit, staying back while Rylov jumped forward into the offensive zone...good in the defensive zone, made a nice feed forward while under pressure that allowed Parshin to streak into the US average top speed...doesn’t get rattled easily...precise passing.

PAIRING 3: Alexei Emelin – Grigori Panin
#20 Alexei Emelin (Montreal Canadiens) - Did not look very impressive against the US in the first period...had trouble physically against the US players, which is troubling for a player known for a physical edge...good play 5 minutes into the second period when he compensated for Panin, who was fighting against the boards, stopping a US forward from coming from behind the net to the front...good a high stick into the face by O'Sullivan, who was given a double minor for high sticking.

#5 Grigori Panin (Undrafted) - Could not handle the power of the bigger US forwards - had to drag his player down instead of playing body to body...tried to get physical at the boards, fighting with determination...made a bad pass out of the defensive zone on Russia's power play that was intercepted at Russia's blue line. All that saved Russia from a bad situation was an off sides call against the US...playing with more confidence against the US...made a nice soccer move with his skate, stopping a feed across the ice in the Russian zone that would have led to a dangerous one timer.

PAIRING 4: Anton Belov – Grigori Misharin
#3 Anton Belov (Undrafted)
- was paired up with Misharin on Russia’s fourth defensive pairing... got hardly any ice time.
#15 Grigori Misharin (Minnesota Wild) – skated on the fourth defensive pairing, and did not get much ice time.

LINE 1: Enver Lisin – Dmitri Pestunov - Alexander Ovechkin
#12 Pestunov (Phoenix Coyotes)
- Had a good scoring chance 10 minutes into the second period when he carried the puck into the US zone through several players without being really harassed, but still staying on his feet through traffic. He then left the puck for Ovechkin, who got tied up and could not release the shot...showed better acceleration than at the beginning of the to successfully enter the US zone down the boards with some pressure on him...showing more dexterity than before...sees the ice well.

#8 Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) - Ovechkin scored Russia's second goal, getting a pass from Vorobiev. Pestunov passes to Ezhov, who feeds it to Vorobiev in the offensive zone. Vorobiev then one times it to Ovechkin right in front of the net, who scores with a precise wrist shot...almost had a breakaway five minutes into the second period when he beat a US forward to the puck, but was then hooked by a US forward... had a great chance 12:30 into the second period when he streaked into the zone, beat three US players and then tried to stuff the puck into the close corner, but Montoya was ready...had a great short handed opportunity when he and Lisin streaked into the US zone, Ovechkin passed the puck to Lisin, whose high shot was amazingly saved by Montoya...Ovechkin sealed the win for Russia by getting the puck at the boards, skated into the US zone, and put the puck into the empty net from the blue line...

#26 Enver Lisin (Phoenix Coyotes) - Scored Russia's first goal when he deflected Vorobiev's shot into the net after it trickled through Montoya...great speed on the ice...very good awareness and playing aggressively with emotion...great chance 7 minutes into the third period when he streaked into the zone on the boards, then moved towards the net from the right side with a US player on him> Lisin was driving towards the goalie, but then tried to get the puck around the goalie on the right side with stick handling. The puck went around the sprawled out Montoya, but hit the left post...great chance in the US zone, when he got a feed from Ovechkin just beyond the blue line, and tried to put it past Montoya, but the goalie handled the shot and did not give up a rebound...had a great chance 15 minutes into the third period on the power play when he drove into the zone and tried to stuff the puck in, but Montoya was there, though a rebound was caused and play continued.

LINE 2: Sergei Shirokov – Evgeni Malkin – Alexander Radulov
#17 Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins)
- Had a great feed to the left flank to an open Russian player, but Montoya blocked the shot...Malkin took the puck into the zone, left it for Radulov, who passed it to Shirokov, who then put a wrist shot high...enters the offensive zone with impunity...created a lot of scoring chances...very tough to knock down...created the scoring chance for Shirokov 9 minutes into the second period by feeding the puck to him out of the defensive zone...created another chance just 30 seconds later while carrying a US player on him...playing very well on Russia's second power play unit...Shirokov made a nice feed to Malkin off the boards 18 minutes into the second period. Malkin shot the puck, but Montoya saved it...scored Russia's fourth goal when he got a pass from a defenseman out of Russia's zone, streaked into the US zone and got the puck around one US player. He then released a precise wrist shot from under another player and beat Montoya on the near corner over the pad...Malkin leveled O'Sullivan in the US zone with a minute and a half left in the game...gave Shirokov a great chance to score an empty net but was covered by a US player, and had to do a blind turnaround back hand, which was too sharp......scored the second short handed goal by breaking into the zone and putting the puck on the net while being tied up by two US players

#22 Alexander Radulov (Nashville Predators)
- Not looking like he has the same speed as before - not clear what is the cause...back on the second line...doesn't play physical hockey, instead preferring to use his stick...had a nice take away in the US zone on Russia’s power play 12 minutes into the first period...doesn't have the same speed and doesn't play physical hockey - got a scoring chance 9 minutes into the third period when he missed a player coming into the zone. Instead of using his body, Radulov tried to use his stick to hook the player. The player got through, and Radulov then ended up behind the action on the American blue line. A turnover happened seconds later and he was there and streaked into the US zone and shot the wrist shot into the US goalie.

#29 Sergei Shirokov (Undrafted) - Scored Russia's third goal, his fourth of the tournament high on the near corner. Malkin took the puck into the zone, left it for Radulov, who passed it to Shirokov, who then put a wrist shot high...had a great chance 9 minutes into the second period when he and Malkin streaked down ice, and Shirokov took the shot looking for the high far corner, but missed it....made a nice feed to Malkin off the boards 18 minutes into the second period. Malkin shot the puck, but Montoya saved it.

LINE 3: Alexander Galimov – Grigori Shafigullin – Alexander Nikulin
#11 Alexander Galimov (Undrafted)
- Plays with energy...plays physical hockey...sees the ice fairly well and makes good decisions with the puck...has a good top speed...relatively light and had trouble getting through some traffic, which didn’t really stop him from trying.

#19 Grigori Shafigullin (Nashville Predators) - Tough player with good size...hard to move and handles the traffic very well...very good size and uses it well on the boards...faked an injury at the end of the game to draw a penalty, which wasn’t very classy...needs to improve his vision of the ice.

#21 Alexander Nikulin (Ottawa Senators) - Had a great chance 10 minutes into the first period when Shafigullin fed him the puck. He streaked in through two US players, but could not get a shot off and the puck trickled through to Montoya.

LINE 4: Roman Voloshenko – Mikhail Yunkov – Denis Parshin
#23 Mikhail Yunkov (Washington Capitals)
- Works very hard...possesses good speed...drew a penalty against the US 13 minutes into the game when he streaked into the US zone down the boards and tried to go around the into the zone, dropped it back to Voloshenko, who snapped a shot but Montoya saved it...Russia scored the seventh goal after Yunkov put in a rebound from Megalinsky's hard slap shot from the blue line.

#25 Roman Voloshenko (Minnesota Wild) - Fights hard in the corners and on the boards...good size and uses it well to fight on the boards, but is not a physical player...created a good chance 17 minutes into the second period.

#27 Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) - Making things happen on the fourth line - US is not playing him very physically. He broke into the zone, went behind the net and then back handed it to the front of the net, where Yunkov took a slap at it. Montoya got it, and then Voloshenko streaked in and tried to shoot on the rebound, but missed the puck...the play drew a slashing penalty on the US (Schremp)... created a great scoring chance five minutes into the third period when he streaked to the net and puck handled his way around two opponents with great speed and skill. He was then knocked down, but not before feeding the puck to Voloshenko, who was also tied down...created a nice scoring chance 17 minutes into the third period when he got a feed from Megalinsky and streaked into the US zone right behind the net. He then fed the puck to the front of the net, but no one was there to finish the play...creates a lot of chances on Russia's fourth line...not handled as well by US physically as in the first game, but he is playing more aggressively asserting himself and creating room for his line mates.

#30 Denis Khudobin - Allowed the first goal through the five hole trying to move from the right to the left - made it on time, but could not put his stick down to protect the five hole...let in the second goal high on his glove side...made a solid play seven minutes into the second period when Russia's power play was running out. The US got a two on one and Khudobin stopped a shot, displaying quick lateral movement...clears the puck well - cleared it at least three times past the red line for Russia...solid in the net for Russia...stopped another two-on-one 13 minutes into the game when he was in the right position and got the shot either with the helmet or the glove, which was in place...did a great job with 20 seconds left in the second period - saved the third shot on a delayed penalty situation, and the deflection went right to a US player, who had an open net. Khudobin dived to the right without his stick and blocked the shot with his blocker...gave up a bad rebound 10 minutes into the third period right in front of the net, and Russia got lucky that the US did not get to the puck first...tried to clear the puck 13 minutes into the third period, and hit Ezhov right into the chest, but the play was then controlled...handles the puck well - clearing it out of the zone...good save 14 minutes into the third period when US almost had a two-on-one. The pass was made from the puck carrier and the second player shot the puck hard and low, but Khudobin got it with his left pad. He gave up a rebound, but Russia controlled it...

RUSSIA – USA 7:2 (3:2, 0:0, 4:0)
January 2nd, 2005 - Grand Forks, ND
1:0 Enver Lisin (Dmitri Vorobiev – 1:58pp), 2:0 Alexander Ovechkin (Dmitri Vorobiev, Denis Ezhov – 4:46pp), 2:1 Robbie Schremp (Dan Fritsche, Drew Stafford – 8:55pp), 2:2 Patrick O’Sullivan (Ryan Suter – 14:44pp), 3:2 Sergei Shirokov (Alexander Radulov, Evgeni Malkin – 16:01), 4:2 Evgeni Malkin (Grigori Panin – 51:03), 5:2 Alexander Ovechkin (Dmitri Vorobiev – 57:46en), 6:2 Evgeni Malkin (58:49en), 7:2 Mikhail Yunkov (Denis Ezhov, Dmitri Vorobiev – 59:59pp);
GOALIES: Anton Khudobin (24 shots, 22 saves) – Al Montoya (41 shots, 36 saves)
SHOTS: 43-24
RUSSIA’S LINEUP: Khudobin; Vorobiev (2) - Ezhov, Megalinsky - Rylov, Emelin (2) - Panin, Belov - Misharin; Ovechkin - Pestunov (2) - Lisin, Shirokov - Malkin - Radulov, Nikulin - Shafigullin (2) - Galimov, Voloshenkov - Yunkov - Parshin (2);

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