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Author: Evgeny Belashchenko (RussianProspects Exclusive)Date: 12/28/2004
Russia vs. Czech Republic Detailed Game Notes: Malkin shines, Shirokov scores

2005 U20 World Junior ChampionshipsRUSSIA – CZECH REPUBLIC 4:1 (2:0, 1:1, 1:0)

LINE 1: Lisin - Ovechkin - Pestunov
#8 Ovechkin (Washington Capitals)
- Had a relatively quiet game on Russia's top line...has a great top speed...had a breakaway, tried to go left post on the goalie, but since Schwartz was just scored on that post by Shirokov, he slid to the post and stopped Ovechkin, who didn't even lift the puck that much...interacted better with Lisin and Pestunov than against the Americans.
#12 Pestunov (Phoenix Coyotes) - skated around the net and made a great feed to Ovechkin 15 minutes into the first period. Ovechkin just missed the pass feed at the left post and would have put it into the empty leveled at the boards late in the first period by a face to face hit, but at 200 pounds and a low center of gravity, should not be that easy to knock down.
#26 Lisin (Phoenix Coyotes) - great speed, good puckhandler...had a great chance 16 minutes into the second period when he puckhandled his way around a defenseman, streaked into the offensive zone and then released a feisty wrist shot that Schwartz blocked, and sent high above the net...Lisin scored Russia's fourth goal by punching in a rebound - the whole line passed the puck in the offensive zone, then he puckhandled towards the net, shooting the puck. Ovechkin shot it again, and then Lisin streaked in for the rebound from the sprawled out goalie. He quickly punched it into the back of the net...didn't have very good first period and a half of the second period - coasting a bit and not playing with much intensity...picked the game up late in the second period and played aggressively in the third period, fighting for the puck and making quick passes to Ovechkin and Pestunov.

LINE 2: Radulov - Malkin - Shirokov
#29 Shirokov (Undrafted)
- Malkin set up the second goal by giving Shirokov a quick feed from the left faceoff circle to the right goal post, and Shirokov put it into the empty net...had a great chance 6 minutes into the first period when he skated down the center and shot the puck. Schwartz gave up a rebound, which Shirokov picked up and shot, but the goalie was able to put his glove up and stop the puck from rising above him into the net...played aggressively...fought at the boards, but isn't very big so could not really make things happen when checking his opponent.
#17 Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) - Set up the second goal by giving Shirokov a quick feed from the left face-off circle to the right goal post, and Shirokov put it into the empty net...A Czech forward was standing in the red circle and he wanted to pass the puck between the circles. Malkin intercepted it with his reach, and scored the goal by taking a backhand from the slot around the goalie on the ice...had a great chance 10 minutes into the second period when he intercepted a pass, put up the speed and had a breakaway, but was pulled down last second, drawing a penalty...skated his way into the Czech zone half way through the third period - went past a couple of players and then shot the puck five hole, but Schwartz was prepared
#22 Radulov (Nashville Predators) - Skated on Russia's second line with Malkin and Shirokov...not a physical player and is easily tied down at the times tries to mix it up in traffic, but when a response comes he is easily neutralized...backchecked to help out the defense, didn't appear to understand how to be helpful, but the effort was there...played better than Parshin - provided better size and durability than the Colorado Avalanche prospect...will likely stay on the second line...needs more time to understand Malkin better - Malkin skated into the zone with the puck and made a quick feed to Radulov, who was still waiting around the blue line and had to turn on the jets to get to the puck - he should have started skating as soon as Malkin entered the offensive zone...

LINE 3: Galimov - Shafigullin - Nikulin
#21 Nikulin (Ottawa Senators)
- Skated on the power kill with Malkin, Rylov and Misharin...despite being placed on the wing, played well defensively, showing his true colors of a center...created a couple of good scoring chances - missed on a good opportunity in the second when he skated out on Schwartz between two Czech players, but the goalie was ready.
#19 Shafigullin (Nashville Predators) - Very good on his skates...fights hard at the boards and is tough to knock down...not a technical skater, but has a good top speed...couldn't create much offensively... he had some misses defensively, and Nikulin had to back him up - good to have two centers on one line...did not see the ice all that well, but that could have been more because of a lack of chemistry between the players on Russia's third line...
#11 Galimov (Undrafted) - great puck handler...not very big and can't get past opponents in traffic if puck handling alone doesn’t do it...possesses an impressive top speed...sees the ice well - looks around with the puck and notices what is going on everywhere around the ice - not just immediately around him...made some nice feeds across the ice...not a big player and can't play physical hockey - tried to fight at the boards, hitting one of the Czech players to the right of the Czech net, trying to bang the puck loose. It did not work and when he tried it the second time, the Czech player turned around and delivered a strong hit on Galimov that took him clean off his feet.

LINE 4: Voloshenko - Yunkov - Parshin
#25 Voloshenko (Minnesota Wild)
- Was not very noticeable in the game...Parshin's presence energized the fourth line, and Voloshenko shot the puck more than against the US, but he was still in the background, and did not get much ice time.
#23 Yunkov (Washington Capitals) - quiet game...returns to his own zone and plays well defensively...fought hard at the boards, didn't prove effective against bigger players, but showed the willingness.
#27 Parshin (Colorado Avalanche) - Very good puckhandler with an impressive top speed...skated the puck around a couple of opponents with seconds left in the last period, but then got tied up rather easily by bigger players...not very strong on his skates and can easily be knocked down and controlled...had better chances on the fourth line, since the opposing defensemen were weaker, but continued to play the same quick, skilled style he always plays.

PAIRING 1: Ezhov - Vorobiev

#24 Ezhov (Buffalo Sabres) - shot the puck from the blue line early in the first period, he was the last player back and the shot deflected well behind him. Ezhov raced back into the Russian zone with one of the Czech players and the Czech player got there first. Ezhov tied up the Czech player with his body and stick and then leveled him into the boards behind the Russian net...missed a couple of attempted checks at the boards.
#6 Vorobiev (Toronto Maple Leafs) - had a great hit early in the first period in the neutral zone that caused a turnover...Russia's safest defensemen...very mobile...sees the ice well...helped out offensively and fired a few slap shots...a two way defenseman who contributes in the offensive zone and is very strong defensively...had to cover for Ezhov on several occasions.

PAIRING 2: Rylov - Misharin
#7 Rylov (Undrafted)
- better defensively than he was against the defenseman...doesn't like to skate backwards...still plays Super League hockey - letting a player go by and then trying to hook him.
#15 Misharin (Minnesota Wild) - Not mobile and has trouble keeping up with faster forwards - instead hacks them with his stick...plays physical when a player is in range, but his speed is a factor...not a very good puckhandler...positioning needs to improve and he needs to stay defensively oriented...skating is technical, just his top speed is not impressive.

PAIRING 3: Emelin - Panin
#20 Emelin (Montreal Canadiens)
- Average sized, but physical defenseman...skates well...missed on a couple of checking attempts on the boards...doesn't hesitate to skate through traffic...played reliably, but did not really stand out in this game.
#5 Panin (Undrafted) - cheap player, using his stick and holding down a called for a holding penalty midway through the second times tries to play physical hockey, but hasn't displayed the ability to do so...a mobile skater with a good top speed.

PAIRING 4: Belov - Megalinsky
#3 Belov (Undrafted)
- Very mobile and moved around the ice well...played solid, safe hockey...really should have been moved up from the last line...had one dangerous chance in his own zone when he misplayed the puck on the boards to the left of the net, but then controlled the situation and forced the Czech player behind Russia's net...did not have as good of a game as he did against the US.
#14 Megalinsky (Undrafted) - Very tough against the boards to fight with...skating average...levels people into the boards and plays physical hockey...

#30 Khudobin (Minnesota Wild)
- quick out of the net more than his skills allow...the one goal he allowed- a shot on the ice right between his legs...doesn't seem to have much confidence - had a couple of unlucky bounces and just isn't playing like himself - despite only one goal...likes to venture outside the crease and looked better at it during this game...couldn't control the rebounds all that well - a couple of rebounds trickled right by the post...a lot appears to have to do with nerves.

RUSSIA – CZECH REPUBLIC 4:1 (2:0, 1:1, 1:0)
December 27th, 2004 - Thief River Falls Arena
GOALS: 1:0 Alexander Radulov (Evgeni Malkin, Sergei Shirokov – 7:03pp), 2:0 Sergei Shirokov (Evgeni Malkin – 10:44pp), Evgeni Malkin (21:14), 3:1 Zbynek Hrdel (Lukas Bolf – 29:36pp), 4:1 Enver Lisin (Alexander Ovechkin – 47:05)
SHOTS: 32-26
GOALIES: Khudobin (25 saves, 26 shots) – Schwartz (28 saves, 32 shots)
RUSSIAN LINEUP: Khudobin (24 saves), Ezhov (2) – Vorobiev, Rylov (10+2) – Misharin (2), Panin (2) – Emelin (2), Belov (2) – Megalinsky (2), Lisin – Pestunov – Ovechkin, Radulov (2) – Malkin – Shirokov, Nikulin (2) – Shafigullin – Galimov, Parshin (2) – Yunkov – Voloshenko (2);

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