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Author: Evgeny Belashchenko (RussianProspects Exclusive)Date: 12/21/2004
Scouting Game Notes: Ak Bars (Kazan) vs. Dynamo (Moscow)

2005 Russian Super LeagueAK BARS (Kazan) – DYNAMO (Moscow) – 2:3 (1:2, 1:0, 0:0, 0:1).
NOVEMBER 29th, 2004
#6 Denisov (Buffalo Sabres)
– Very good top speed...plays well in one on one situations...effective at clearing the crease...likes to join in on the offense...aggressive and physical, fighting hard behind the net...uses his body effectively behind the net and in the corners...good awareness – got the stick knocked out of his hands next to the crease, but stayed in position protecting the goalie...very effective on defense, playing the body and neutralizing opponents...good top speed, on a power play chased the puck down into his own end after an attempted Dynamo clear despite the Dynamo forward having a head start...streaked in on the left flank late in the third period and released a quick, precise wrister to the close high corner from a sharp angle, but Eremeev was there to stop it...
#9 Platonov (Nashville Predators) - Played with Lisin and fed him the puck a few times for some nice chances...played solid defensive hockey...skated the puck up the ice well...wasn't noticeable beyond the couple of passes he made to Lisin...crashed the net a couple of times.
#19 Fedorov (Los Angeles Kings) – At times a center, Fedorov skated on the right wing of Denis Arkhipov’s line in this contest...skated on the power play unit with Lisin...not a big player, but has gotten ber and doesn’t avoid traffic...
#27 Lisin (Phoenix Coyotes) – A technical skater with an impressive top speed and excellent acceleration...handles the puck well, but doesn’t use his linemates...not afraid of traffic, freely raided Dynamo’s zone...earlier in the first period, streaked into Dynamo’s zone and just plowed through one of the defensemen (Troschinsky) on his way to the a nice feed from Platonov near the boards with a few minutes left in the first period, but still had two guys to beat and couldn’t get a precise shot off...floats a bit, but is very good about finding the open ice...returns to defense, but tends to constantly look for a breakout...played with Antropov (Toronto) and Platonov (Nashville)...received ice time on the power play...assisted on Kazan’s second goal on the power play – fought for the puck in the corner, found Sergei Klimentiev open on the opposite side of the ice, and sent the puck to him with a nice feed...made a bad, selfish decision early in the third period when he grabbed the puck in his own zone and tried to circle around his own net to gain speed. He caused a turnover and a scoring chance for Dynamo...returned on defense late in the third and dived to block a slap shot from the blue line then, on the same sequence, got up and skated to the forward on the other side of the blue line and disrupted his shot with his stick – just amazing speed...played short handed...
#36 Pervyshin (St. Louis Blues) – Mobile defenseman who can make a nice pass...tried to go against Ovechkin at the boards early in the first period, but the latter just knocked him over...very smart and sees plays developing very well...doesn’t hold back with his body, but is small and that gets him in some trouble...didn’t see much ice time after the first period when the game was very tight.

#6 Nikulin (Atlanta Thrashers) – Not very fast on his feet, but skates well and keeps up with the action...the closest to an NHL game he ever played – facing Richards, Lecavalier, Morozov, Kovalchuk, Salei, Kasparaitis, Arkhipov, and Antropov in Kazan’s lineup...didn’t look so good early in the second period, when he lumbered to the puck while Lecavalier was on him and after hitting the puck weakly around the boards, got leveled into the boards...didn’t lose his cool though and continued to follow the play and staying in position instead of retaliating...doesn’t hesitate to join in on the offense...good slap shot...can be effective on the boards – stopped Morozov in his tracks by squeezing him with his lower body to the boards and Morozov is not a small player...improved his speed and aggressiveness in the third period...skated well against Kovalev.
#10 Mirnov (Ottawa Senators) – Fast skater...didn’t stand out much except for being the last guy out of the offensive zone...played aggressive hockey...laid down a decent hit on Kasparaitis next to the boards early in the second period...has speed, puckhandling, but did not interact all that much with his linemates...the Evseev- Shakhraichuk – Mirnov line was ineffective because Evseev and Mirnov were too individualistic...quick decision making and plays well in traffic...skates on one of Dynamo’s top shorthanded units and made very good decisions with the puck in such situations, clearing the puck out of the zone...
#32 Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) – Very good top speed...just turns it on and flies...shares the puck and interacts well with Pavel Rosa...had a great chance early in the second period when Chupin redirected him a nice pass, Ovechkin then fooled a defenseman by dragging the puck, but than ran into that same defenseman and couldn’t recover to take the open shot...a great power forward – rushes into the zone and players literally bounce off him...very effective without the puck – knows when to get open and when to help out at the boards...destroyed Klimentiev behind Kazan’s net when the two battled for the puck – hip checked him so hard the helmet came off...
#38 Romanov (2005 NHL Entry Draft) – Scored Dynamo’s first goal by racing into Kazan’s zone after the puck and then unleashing a slap shot that beat Khabibulin through the five hole...did not see much action in the first period, skating for only a couple of shifts...seems to be an ok skater, but could better his acceleration...doesn’t move his feet all that much...mishandled the puck on the boards on an attempted clear in his own zone, causing the puck to stay in the zone and Kazan almost scored...tries to help out defensively, but gets an “incomplete” for effectiveness...has a good top speed when given the open ice...very good puckhandling and is capable of doing it at top speed...was trying to get by Sergei Klimentiev with the puck half way through he second period, put on a nice move, but Klimentiev hit him with the stick in the skates as Romanov was going by, causing the young forward to fall down and slam into the boards shoulder and head first – he appeared to be shaken, but ok...had a great chance late in the second period when he had a two on one break against Khabibulin, but couldn’t raise the puck more confident and faster as the game went on...made solid decisions: on one occasion he got the puck in the neutral zone and redirected it back into his own zone to stabilize, and then on the same play streaked up the ice and got open to break into the offensive zone.
#40 Evseev (Boston Bruins) – Didn’t really get much ice time in the first period...skated with Mirnov in the second period...very fast and maneuverable on his skates...his movement is just so crisp...tends to look for the breakout in the defensive zone, but at the same time returns to help...not very effective against the boards – has size, but is easily tied down and doesn’t fight back even though he seems to have the strength...needs to share the puck more and improve his decision making, as he tends to take that fraction of a second longer to make a decision at times...knows where to be, but needs to be quicker about getting in position without the puck...odd man out on the shorthanded unit with his linemates Shakhraichuk and Mirnov taking the two forward spots...dangerous and can shoot the puck from any position...precise shot, especially the wrist shot...needs to learn how to be more effective in physical battles and traffic...capable of make a seemingly harmless situation dangerous – early in the third period Evseev streaked down the left flank, and let go a wrist shot almost from the boards from a fairly sharp angle. The shot was b, precise and Khabibulin wasn’t sure whether it deflected or was stuck in his equipment, causing a momentary loss of control on Kazan’s side. The puck was loose and Evseev circled around the net almost on time to grab the puck.

AK BARS (Kazan) – DYNAMO (Moscow) – 2:3 (1:2, 1:0, 0:0, 0:1).
- 0:1 Romanov 2 (Bulin, 2.13),
- 1:1 Kovalev (Montreal Canadiens) 1 (Proshkin, 8.41),
- 1:2 Chupin 10 (Markov (Montreal Canadiens), 19.35),
- 2:2 Klimentev 2 (Fedorov (Los Angeles Kings), Lisin (Phoenix Coyotes), 34.25),
- 2:3 Rosa (Los Angeles Kings) 17 (Markov (Montreal Canadiens), 61.58, pp).
THREE STARS: Markov (Montreal Canadiens), Kovalev (Montreal Canadiens), Rosa (Los Angeles Kings).
(22): Khabibulin (Tampa Bay Lightning); Balmin – Proshkin, Saley – Denisov (Buffalo Sabres), Bykov (Detroit Red Wings) – Kasparaitis (New York Rangers)(2), Pervyshin (St.Louis Blues) – Klimentev; Morozov (Pittsburgh Penguins) – Richards – Kovalev (Montreal Canadiens) (2), Lekavale (4) – Epanchintsev-k – Kovalchuk (Atlanta Thrashers) (14), Fedorov (Los Angeles Kings) – Arkhipov (Nashville Predators) – Yachmenev, Platonov (Nashville Predators) – Antropov (Toronto Maple Leafs) – Lisin (Phoenix Coyotes).
DYNAMO (10): Eremeev; Markov (Montreal Canadiens) – Troschinskiy-k (2), Nikulin – Zhdan, Vyshedkevich (2) – Skopintsev (2), Orekhovsky (Minnesota Wild) – Bulin; Rosa (Los Angeles Kings) – Chupin – Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) (2), - Havlat (Ottawa Senators) - – Datsyuk (Detroit Red Wings) – Vorobev, Mirnov (Ottawa Senators) – Shakhraychuk (2) – Evseev (Boston Bruins), Romanov (2005 NHL Entry Draft) – Kartsev – Babenko.

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