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Author: Evgeny Belashchenko (RP Exlcusive)Date: 12/02/2004
Scouting Game Notes: Metallurg (Mg.) vs. Dynamo (Moscow)

2005 Russian Super LeagueSeptember 17th, 2004
Scouting Game Notes: Metallurg (Magnitogorsk) – Dynamo (Moscow) – 2:1 (2:1, 0:0, 0:0).


#10 Igor Mirnov (Ottawa Senators) – Skated on Dynamo’s third line with Shakhraichuk and former Tampa Bay Lightning forward Alexander Kharitonov...possesses solid size and repeatedly used his size, speed and puckhandling to break into the offensive zone...doesn’t hesitate to punch through traffic...shares the puck with his linemates...possesses very good speed...has a precise wrist shot with a quick release even on the move...had a great chance after breaking into the offensive zone, but was brought down on the shot by a Metallurg defenseman.

#6 Ilya Nikulin (Atlanta Thrashers) – Skated on Dynamo’s top defensive pairing with Alexander Zhdan... skates well, possessing good technique, but average acceleration...does not hesitate to join in on an offensive rush...made a poor decision late in the first period when he got the puck, controlled it behind his own net, then skated it out a bit and launched a long pass out of the zone instead of skating out – a well intended attempt that was intercepted on Dynamo’s blue line by Andrej Nedorost, who came screaming back into the defensive zone, and Nikulin had to hold Nedorost with his stick until another defenseman came over to help him, but as a result freeing up another play...uses his size well at the boards...other than the one mistake, was solid in his own zone.

#32 Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) – A workhorse with great size, speed and skill...drove towards the net down the center with good puckhandling, and then a defenseman tried to tackle him, but bounced off like nothing....a very good skater..very aggressive...scored Dynamo’s only goal late in the first period when he brought the puck into the zone, looked like almost lost balance, regained it and put a wrist shot on the goalie’s short side – the goalie was fooled by the pause when he “lost” his balance....very active in the offensive zone, but fakes a bit, trying to draw a penalty...drew a penalty earlier in the third period by diving when stopped by a stick of defenseman Andrei Sokolov...great in Europe, but could cause problems in America...plays North American style – dumps the puck into the zone and drives through traffic.

#36 Yakov Rylov (2005 NHL Entry Draft) – Surprising to see this young defenseman getting a regular shift, but instead of just filling in the U20 requirement, Rylov skated a regular shift with former Atlanta Thrashers blue liner Vyshedkevich on Dynamo’s regularly used fourth defensive pairing...doesn’t appear to be bigger than 5’11...average top speed...needs to get stronger, but did not hesitate to clear the crease – which he does very well for his size...effectively uses his body in a lot of situations...his skating style is a bit strange, as his legs are always spread apart a bit, dug into the ice...good defensive awareness, helping out his defensive partner when necessary...made a great play short handed, stopping a pass from reaching across the crease by diving to block it...hardly ever skated backwards the entire game.

#15 Igor Schadilov (Washington Capitals) – Skated with former Philadelphia Flyers defensive prospect Vladislav Boulin on Dynamo’s second defensive pairing...a very good skater with an impressive top speed...usually last guy into the offensive zone and the first guy to return to the defensive zone...6’2, but doesn’t play like a big man...about one minute into the second period he showcased his speed and ability to play the man when the puck was dumped into Dynamo’s zoen and was picked up by a Metallurg’s forward. He beat the forward to the puck even thought the forward was close to it than him, and then used his body to force the puck away...a very dangerous slap shot and he is not afraid to use it – powerful and with a quick release...not a physical player, but uses his size well to neutralize people at the boards...very good in one-on-one situations – very strong on his skates and skates well backwards...saved a goal by skating back into the defensive zone with Yuri Dobryshkin and completely neutralizing the talented forward, blocking the player and the puck away from the net and giving Dobryshkin little room to maneuver...for some reason hesitated to shoot the puck in the third period on the power play, repeatedly passing the puck away, though his path to the net was effectively blocked...was reliable and mistake free the entire game...played it safe in the defensive zone.

#24 Albert Vyshnyakov (Tampa Bay Lightning) – Possesses above average top speed...skated on Dynamo’s top line with Chupin and Savchenko...slightly above average maneuverability...doesn’t have a very tight turning radius...above average, but not a super top speed...used his stick to try to strop Dmitri Pestunov from getting into Dynamo’s own zone from the Metallurg’s zone. Did the job, but largely because Pestunov is small and if it was someone bigger or with more power, Vyshnyakov would have been in trouble...him and Chupin looked effective together...broke into the zone with the puck late in the first period, drove towards the net and then made a nice drop pass to Chupin, who missfired the shot...had a great moment 5 minutes into the third – got a cross ice feed from a defenseman to the blue line, skated up through traffic, using his effective puckhandling, made it to the front of the crease, but with a defenseman hanging off him, released a wrist shot that went wide of the net.

#27 Atyushov (Ottawa Senators) – Showed good awareness in the defensive zone...did not contribute much offensively, except a rare shot from the blue...reliable, but did not stand out too much during the game.

#37 Yuri Dobryshkin (Atlanta Thrashers) – Had a couple of good scoring chances, but seemed to always get stopped in the neutral zone...wasn’t very noticeable in this game...skated on Metallur’s third line...technically sound, good speed, but had trouble making things happen on offense...defensively reliable.

#33 Evgeny Gladskykh (Vancouver Canucks) – Skated on the second line with Alexei Kaigorodov and Dmitri bigger and stronger over the summer...very good hands and top speed....reliable defensively – still looks to break out, but looks from the level of a face off circle, not near blue line....shares the puck and tries to make things happen, but isn’t as imaginative as Kaigorodov...average passing ability, tries to pass, but just isn’t that good at it...scored his goal midway through the first period when he broke to the net on the goalie’s right, took a shot that was saved by the right pad, got the rebound, took a poke at it that went off the left pad a bit to the left of the goalie...then Tertyshny came in and shot the poked away puck likely scoring the goal, but Gladskykh may have have redirected it between Eremenko’s legs...very good top speed, average acceleration, but can fly....handles the puck well at top speed, and can release quite a wrister – skated the ice end to end and then released a nice wrist shot from the right face off circle while the goalie was being screened by a defenseman, through defenseman’s legs...the goalie still managed to make the save.

#55 Alexei Kaigorodov (Ottawa Senators) – Very good top speed...good puckhandling...doesn’t hesitate the pass the puck back to his defensemen, using them effectively when nothing can be done deep in the offensive zone...very precise passing – right on the tape...good defensively...not physical, but harasses with his stick while moving his feet.... makes great tape to tape passes...set up Gladskykh from his blue line to the other blue line with a nice pass...wasn’t very effective on the face off circle in the first period – lost about four out of 5...very good puck handling – can carry the puck into the zone through traffic...responsible with the puck and is very solid defensively, capable of going on the offensive while short handed – not just streaking towards the net and risking being left out, but by finding a comfortable spot to shoot closer to the blue line, ripping one and then skating back to play defense if necessary.

#71 Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) – Very smooth skater...still needs to bulk up, but very tough to knock down... doesn’t give up on plays and has great stick control...on one play, streaked in with Gladskykh, got an imprecise feed from him, but managed to control it and direct it on the net. When the goalie got it and he was falling down, Malkin poked the puck away to the blue line while sliding towards behind the net and almost made another scoring chance happen....had a great chance late in the first period while showing great effort and awareness: tried to get to the puck in his own zone, got knocked down, poked the puck away into the neutral zone, got back up and skated to the other boards, where he met one of Dynamo’s forwards trying to get back into Metallurg’s zone, intercepted a pass and got onto an almost breakaway, finally released a monster slap shot, but it was high...face-offs - doesn’t use his body to push into the face-off...instead just uses his stick...still needs to gain confidence in his size...great coordination and reaction...early in the second period created something out of nothing when the puck was in Dynamo’s zone, he stayed in at the blue line and was able to almost intercept a pass with his long stick – instead he redirected it back to Dynamo’s zone.

#12 Dmitri Pestunov (Phoenix Coyotes) – Played on the fourth line with Andrej Nedorost and Ravil Gusmanov... used the open ice well...made a nice drop pass to Nedorost after breaking into the zone early in the first period...showed his speed on one occasion when he beat Vyshnyakov down the ice...good awareness all over the ice...plays with Nedorost and Gusmanov – two veterans – an equal among them...doesn’t hesitate to play against bigger opponents, but his small size hurts him...coughed up an important turnover just across his own blue line when he couldn’t pass the puck away while two Dynamo forwards were on top of him... one of them checked him in the back and the other controlled his stick, taking away the puck and almost scoring a goal...lots of skill and talent, but small size.

Metallurg (Magnitogorsk) – Dynamo (Moscow) – 2:1 (2:1, 0:0, 0:0).
1:0 Karpov 2 (Sokolov, Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins), 0.36), 2:0 Gladskikh (Vancouver Canucks) 2 (Varlamov, 10.01, pp), 2:1 Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) 1 (Kartsev, Rylov, 18.03).
Three Stars: Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins), Ovechkin (Washington Capitals), Sokolov.
Team Lineups:
Metallurg (14):
Malek; Sokolov (2) – Kukhtinov, Atyushov (Ottawa Senators) (2) – Varlamov, Chekh – Boykov, Gonchar (2) – Kalinin; Kudermetov – Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) (2) – Karpov-c, Gladskikh (Vancouver Canucks) (2) – Kaigorodov (Ottawa Senators) – Tertyshnyy, Gogolev – Nikitenko – Dobryshkin (Atlanta Thrashers), Nedorost (2) – Pestunov (Phoenix Coyotes) (2) – Gusmanov.
Dynamo (20): Eremenko; Nikulin (Atlanta Thrashers) – Zhdan (2), Schadilov (Washington Capitals) – Bulin (2), Skopintsev (2) – Troschinskiy-c (2), Rylov – Vyshedkevich; Savchenkov – Chupin – Vishnyakov (Tampa Bay Lightning), Rosa – Kudashov – Vorobev (2), Mirnov (Ottawa Senators) (2) – Shakhraychuk (4) – Kharitonov, Babenko – Kartsev (4) – Ovechkin (Washington Capitals).

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